For everyone who bought the Revolve City in Bronze from Revolve...

  1. Does anyone know what color it actually is?

    I really like the color on the front page of the website, but if you go to "more views" it has a very different color in the head-on shot. I like the color on the front page more, but I'm worried that the other color is the true color.

    Anyone have any idea??? seems I made a mistake on the thread title...I mean the AC City, but most people probably figured that out.

    And, here's the link:
    if you go to "more views" you'll see what I mean.
  2. I'm thinking it's not the "purpley" color but is in fact, the rich bronze color.
  3. ^^ That's a bummer...I think I'm going to cancel the order, then.
  4. What if it's goegeous irl? I wish we had a description from someone who's actually seen this color. The pic DOES look kind of garish though.
  5. I just took another look...I can't imagine a leather bag being this "loud," patent leather maybe but not leather.

  6. Maybe you could check it out and just return it if you don't like it?