For Everyone Waiting For RH Grape Bags....

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  1. :yahoo:Bal, NY got 3 RH Grape bags in, so anyone waiting for one, they are starting to come in!:yahoo:

    I just got off the phone with my SA at Bal, NY who said they just got their first siting of RH Grape. Only 3 but it is a start. Sorry no pictures, and I didn't ask what styles came in because she said seeing the first ones with RH meant that all styles will start coming in.

    Sorry if this was reported already, I looked through the threads and only saw news on GH Grape bags.
  2. Thanks Deana for the great news, I am on the list at Neiman's so I hope they will be getting theirs soon as well. Deana, what will you be getting?
  3. :wlae:
    I hope so too! It's exciting to hear that they are starting to come in!
    I am on the list for a Grape First and City, and a Jaune MakeUp Clutch. I am so picky that I wish I were getting them from Neiman's as well, but I have a credit at Bal, NY I need to use. If these are keeper's they will be the first bags I bought direct, since 05's were my favs. I don't seem to use any bags that aren't vibrant and I sold my Eggplant City because it was too dark for me, so I am hoping the Grape is brighter. I have seen pictures of Jaune that I loved and then others that I didn't, so I am undecided about that one. Plus if the rumors are true and there is going to be a BG Pink in the S/S 08 collection, I would love to get a pink MakeUp. Actually I am a gal that could never have too much pink, so I am going to need to save alot of pennies if there is a vibrant pink in that collection!
    What are you are getting, and what do you think of the pictures of the Grape posted so far?
  4. Thanks for the update Deana !!!
    Can't wait Paris receive my RH City !!!!!!!!
  5. oh I can't wait to see this color with RH!!!!
  6. just got off the phone with BalNY - they only received one city, one first and one small item in the grape RH. the SA that i spoke with (a guy : ) said the bigger shipment will arrive around Wed or Thurs. next week.
  7. I can hardly wait to see what this color looks like with the RH as I already really love it with SGH, it will probably look divine!
  8. YEAAAAHHH! Good work girls! I can't wait for Daphne to call!
  9. Oooh! Could this mean that my Violet GSH coin will be coming soon?

    Wed or Thur can't come fast enough....
  10. i'm worried, i just called a few days ago to be added to the list for RH
  11. Im on the list for a first, but I am pretty far down. Does anyone know how many grape first are coming in?
  12. i hope i can get my hands on a rh city!
  13. I feel you, I just got on the list about a month ago...

  14. You may be o.k., because a lot of people put their name on the list for several things, and they only are going to buy one bag - they just want to be able to choose after they see the color on a style. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :yes:
  15. thank you lovelygarments, i have my fingers crossed for you as well and everyone else that we all get our dream bags this season!