For everyday, black baby cabas or metallic black luxe lighn tote (deerskin)?


baby cabas vs. luxury lighn tote

  1. black baby cabas

  2. metallic black luxe lighn tote (deerskin)

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am new to the forum, and I need your advice to make a decision.

    I am looking for a black bag for everyday use, and my SA show me a black baby cabas and a deerskin metallic black luxe lighn tote today. Both of them are very pretty, but I can only take one....., so which one should I pick?
  2. Hi and welcome! :welcome:

    I think that for everyday use and for something that you don't have to worry about, the baby cabas is the best choice! And they are very hard to find now so I think it's a good idea to grab it!

    The luxe ligne tote seems like the finish would be a little less durable. I think another member had something strange happen to her metallic luxe bowler re: the finish.

    I love my baby cabas SO MUCH. It is the bag I reach for the most and is very lightweight, holds a lot and the leather is very durable and easy to take care of.

    Hope this helps you! Come back and post pics when you make your decision! :yes:
  3. I'd go with the cabas.
    Such a great everyday bag :tup:
  4. The washed caviar leather of the Baby Cabas is fabulous for everyday!! :nuts: :love: I have one in Khaki, and it's a great "throw your stuff in and go" bag! :tup:

    I love the luxe ligne (I have a metallic black goatskin bowler), but wow, your SA found a metallic black deerskin tote? :nuts: I would be inclined to say it's goatskin haha, just because the deerskin has been long sold out. :p In any case, I would go with the Baby Cabas for your everyday no worries kind of bag. ;) :heart: Post pics when you get your new bag! ;)
  5. I have the Black Baby Cabas and it IS a great everyday bag! You don't have to worry about it too much as it's pretty tough, it holds alot and looks amazing! Plus I love the smell of that caviar leather!
  6. It was me who had a funky color change happen to my black metallic deerskin luxe bowler. However, I think it was isolated because another tPF'er has the "sister" to my bowler (purchased at the same store from the same batch; they were shipped into the store together) and hers is still fine. She has used her bag more too. The deerskin is super hardy and thick. There have been problems with the stitching on the Cabas bags unraveling so be careful if you go that route. Either way it's a risk - color fade or stitches loosening but hopefully everything will be fine.
  7. hi and welcome:smile: I think the baby cabas is more convenient for everyday use (plus it's an icon bag;)!)
  8. From ur title thread, if it's for everyday bag, then black cabas is your choice. Usually for special treated leather, u need to pay special attention and care on them, as time goes by, i'm not sure if the leather will still be as gd as it is.
  9. the baby cabas :yes: