For Enquiring Minds, Hermes Croc 101...

  1. coming very soon!
    Due to recent events on our board, many members have expressed a desire to be educated on exactly how to tell a real from a fake Hermes croc bag, or specifically, the Birkin bag. Our usual position on authentication matters is for members to post bags in question on the designated thread and those who know chime in. Answers are usually vague for some very important reasons and details are provided via pm if requested.

    What is our purpose here?
    1. To celebrate REAL Hermes bags and the people who love them
    2. To provide information to aid the safe purchase of these bags, or provide information for the collector to learn more about his or her passion.

    Our purpose is not to:
    1. Provide unscrupulous sellers or counterfeiters with too many specific details that can aid them in their fraudulent activity.

    That being said, we are nearly finished putting together a very comprehensive and easy to follow guide, with pictures, that shows exactly how to tell a real from a fake croc Birkin. Why croc?
    They can be difficult to authenticate, and, you guys simply requested it. :yes:

    What has not yet been decided is how the guide will be posted. It will most likely be via pm to those who wish to read it, or perhaps an e-mail.
    We have not ruled out posting it as a thread, perhaps for a limited time because of the needs of our board.
    So, stay tuned!
  2. Greentea- Many thanks! The guide must have taken considerable effort but I think it will be a great resource.

    BTW, if you could include a page or two about how to reach the point of being able to afford a croc Birkin (and convincing one's husband about how it is the highest and best use of $$- which I believe it to be) it would be much appreciated, at least by this member. :smile:
  3. ^ LOL! Oh how I wish!
  4. This is awesome!! I would love a guide through PM or something. I highly doubt I'll buy it from secondary market (can't pay 50K for something that's 27K) but it'll still be good to know.:yes:

    Thank you for offering us such a guide!!!
  5. fgood thing if you or anyone need help pm me
  6. I wish there is a way to screen who gets it, preventing it from landing in the hands of the scammers. That's always my 1st concern.
  7. I need the above guide too! ^^ LOL! Right now, we're shooting for a double-digit anniverary.

    GT, thanks for doing this--looking forward to it as well. :flowers:
  8. It will most likely be by pm. I just need to test the size of it.
    Yes, it's some GOOD juicy stuff, girls! And some major eye candy!
  9. This is what we're working on.
  10. well the good thing about croc is the scammer never ever will get it right even if we assume the get all the details right the skin will never eve be the same as with the genuine one
  11. ^ SOO true.
  12. This is one of the reasons I prefer exotics. They're so much harder for the scammers to master. I've YET to see a fake ostrich on eBay that looks right *knocks on wood*
  13. GT.....this is much needed info and I second the PM aspect. My question though is difficult would it be for someone unscrupulous to ask for this info through PM? Will there a screening method or some way to distinguish who should and shouldn't receive it? I for one don't want this sensitive info out there in the world for just anyone to see 'cause you never know when S'mom is gonna be ready to break out the big bucks for one of these babies!
  14. ooops....posted the same question as mrssparkles......sorry!!!!!
  15. YAY! can't wait....