? for edith owners

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  1. My new jade green edith just arrived. I wanted this bag so badly that I actually had to order it twice. (long story!) So anyway, now she's here, and I'm unsure. Can edith owners tell me:
    1. Does the leather get softer with use?
    2. Do the handles soften up? The handles are very stiff!
    3. Does the leather get all scratched up? It seems like it could be prone to scratches, and I don't think this jade green color would look good all scratched up. Then again, it's not like I allow my bags to get beat up.

    I LOVE the color, and I love that the style is different from all of my other bags. I love that it's so lady-like. But something about her isn't sitting well with me, and I'm not sure what...:confused1:
  2. hmmm...my style is a little different with one longer flatter strap so i can't answer the question about the handles but the leather has definitely softened (although as you can relate i probably haven't really broken it in enough yet) and it doesn't really have scratches although after reading your post i just examined it very carefully and i do see slight marks which in the brown actually look kinda vintagey but maybe in green would bother you?
  3. I have a rough edith, and was close to getting the jade instead. My reaction was the other way around, am a big chloe fan, but don't like multiples (have a paddy), thus settled on an edith. Turned out loving it much more than I expected. The handles DOES stay hard. But the leather does often up ever so slightly (I've only owned it for 2 months, and used it about 4-5 times). So repeated use would def. help.
    And the scratching will depend on how careful you are with your bags (with all your bags!!!). I'm not too rough, so it still looks great. And don't worry, the bag'll become your own, and you might appreciate your own knicks eventually (It's weird, casue I don't mind it when it happens to me).
    Congrats on the Jade, it's such a lovely colour.