? for Edith Owners

  1. Hello all,
    I really like the Edith in whiskey, and i am thinking about purchasing one. The only thing is that i'm a huge paddy lover, due to the fact that the straps just sling around my shoulder. Does the edith have length for straps? Is it more of a hand bag? And what are the measurements for the large, cause it seems like the medium is a very common size.? Thanks so much.
  2. There aren't any straps as far as I know, but I believe there was a new style coming out in fall that you could wear the handles onto your shoulders.

    As far as the current edith, I can put it onto my shoulder, but it's not entirely comfortable. It's definitely more of a forearm or hand held type tote style bag.
  3. I can't put Edith on my shoulder. More of a hand-held or forearm/crook of elbow bag. The shoulder version for fall is odd looking. Here is a pic. It's called the "Cantine" and RH has it pre-ordered in whiskey and black.
    1-CantineWhiskey.JPG 1-CantineBlack.JPG
  4. I agree, it definitely looks better as a hand held bag. I had seen it in more of a 'Dr. Bag like' style out on the BG website a couple of months ago when all the Ediths went up. It was up for awhile even after all the Ediths were grabbed up and then it eventually disappeared too. So maybe that style will be back in the fall. It was the same whiskey color and leather and had the same saddle stitching around it, but no pocket or anything on the front (just plain with gussets on the sides).
  5. ET thanks for those pics! Interesting shape but not crazy about it - I was hoping the shoulder version would be the same as Edith with a detachable strap ala bbag. I think I can resist Cantine! At least for now.
  6. Thanks ET!! I wonder what the measurements are..... depending on that and if it would come in a chocolate color then it might be a "put-me-on-the-list-to-consider for fall' bag! Thanks again for posting those pics!
  7. ^^No problem! I am here to serve! :biggrin:
  8. yeah it looks like it would be uncomfortable around the shoulder. is it heavy?
  9. No, it is not heavy,,, but then I am used to carrying a Paddy.
  10. Yeah, the fall ones look kind of strange. Maybe it needs some time to grow. I'm also not crazy about their black leather.
  11. No, it's not heavy at all... but then again I didn't find the Paddy heavy. I know that several people have mentioned that the Paddy is too heavy with the lock too.
  12. wow, i have never seen this bag ever. it's cute, it looks alot easier to carry.
  13. I love that Edith leather in black,and I love the shoulder strap and shape of the bag.

    But the pocket just looks odd...it's definitely been placed wrongly.

    *sigh*....I'm going to have to go another season without a Chloe bag?:cry:
  14. I'm not loving the Cantine, although the long handles look nice.
  15. I can't get Edith's straps over my shoulders but I'm getting used to carrying Edith. The handles are extra plump and comfy, which helps.