For Dog Lovers...

  1. This website has the cutest dachuhund purse, if you go to the main site and then click on the Dashshund link I haven't gotten it, but I am ready too!
  2. hmmm... I have a dachshund and love them but the bag is not my cup of tea. Which one are you looking at? I like the black one better IMO.
  3. I like the black on better, too. For some reason the brown just doesn't look right. Honestly, I go back and forth-some days I look at it and think it is geinus, other days I think it is too much. You would have to be in just the right mood to carry it-but the days when I think everybody wants/has the same purse this is one that is unquie.
  4. The black one is definitely better :smile:
    At least its funny..the brown one is a bit tacky imo
  5. :wtf: