For Dog Lovers - Bow Wow Mass Doggy Wedding in CO!

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  1. Bow wow; tongues wagging over possible record
    written by: Colleen Locke, Producer
    updated by: Anastasiya Bolton, Reporter
    created: 5/19/2007 6:48:47 PM



    LITTLETON – Hundreds of dogs showed up at Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center Saturday to try to break the record for a mass dog wedding.

    Organizers of the Bow Wow Vows say more than 178 dog couples (356 individual dogs) tied the knot. That unofficially breaks the world record of 27, set in the Netherlands.

    Nancy Solchenberger brought her two pugs to the event.

    "It was time to make it legal. Dezi is totally in love with Lucy," she said. "They are both almost two years old and they've been living together the whole time."

    Theresa Lough's Great Dane Gertrude participated as well. But she came looking for a partner.

    "We'll find somebody," she said.

    Gertrude and many other brides were appropriately dressed, wearing either veils or full bridal gowns.

    Their male counterparts donned tuxes, bow ties or other wedding-related attire.

    Organizers say documentation of Saturday's ceremony will be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records.

    The event raised about $3,000 for the Denver Dumb Friends League.

    (Copyright KUSA*TV, All Rights Reserved)
  2. How cute!!
  3. hahhhahhaa awww
  4. so cute....
    i was gonna go to this, but my little girl does not even have a bf...
  5. ^^
    I hear that some dogs went to the mass wedding LOOKING for a BF/GF...:nuts:
  6. that's so funny and cute! aww
  7. Ha!
  8. tehehe, how sweet!
  9. That is sooo cute I love how funny dog owners are:smile: