For die-hard LV lovers!

  1. I don't know if I would trust that to be authentic. Where would they get the canvas to do that? Does anyone know if LV ever made anything like that?
  2. The canvas might be authentic, it looks like it came from a vintage bag. The chair itself is not LV and while an interesting piece would have no value beyond the cost of the chair. I wonder what the reserve is.
  3. I got chills when I saw the auction pictures of them CUTTING UP the garment bag :wtf:
  4. Meh. A wee bit too ghetto-fabulous for me.
  5. well put!
  6. It's possible. Some cut up the old bags and wrap the canvas on other items.
  7. Well-whatever this was got pulled from eBay
  8. the bag was removed by eBay...hummm i wonder why....i wasn't able to see it though
  9. A Louis Vuitton chair?! I wanted to see it, too bad it was removed.