For Dickies80

  1. Hi Laurence,
    Do you know about this bag?

  2. More info here, I found this in an other forum :yahoo:

  3. What site is this?
  4. myspace, a friend sent me this picture
  5. I like the first and the third picture. Funny my LV is telling me that it only comes in grey but it looks like it comes in multiple colors.
  6. this pictures appears to be top secret LoL , the background says confidential LoL :wlae:
  7. OMG the bags are totally :heart: hot! :heart:
    I'm lovin' the Boston bag, it TDF.
    Thanks for postin MiroirPrincess!
  8. Did you ask Karen for this picture?
  9. Confidential ? On the Web?? :upsidedown:
  10. no :shame:
  11. If I converted my euros right the last bag is like $3k

    and its not cool to NOT ask Karen for her pics... Karen goes out of her way to do things for a Me and my friends on here, let's not abuse it

    not trying to be mean but I respect Karen and her work.
  12. I can't wait for this to come out!! I saw it in the fashion show pics, totally dig it!
  13. HAHA yeah... its cute huh??? I love it!

    I think right now at my store were getting people inquiring about The Monogram Leopard bags... (it should be interesting...)

    - L
  14. Thanks.
  15. Well Karen didn't exactly take those pics herself bc those are the exact ones I saw in the look book.