For Damier fans

  1. Great reference link, thanks!
  2. Thanks! I've enjoyed looking through it!
  3. mmmmm I love all of this eye candy!
  4. Someone on the reference thread did almost every LV bag like that, it is a great thread if anyone is looking think she calls it eyecandy....something
  5. Thanks for the link!! Im on the hunt for my next bag and this helped alot!!!
  6. Thxs!
  7. wow, that is so helpful!
  8. i love the nolita!!!! thank you for the eye candy slurp...:drool:
  9. Thanks, that was lots of fun!!!
  10. thanks! i love damier
  11. so much damier!
  12. They took all the showing photos from the rakuten :smile:
  13. thxs for the great link..:tup:
  14. This is the best thread I've seen in SO long! Somebody do one for mono and vernis too!