For Collonil spray users

  1. I've delayed this for quite some time, but I have not sprayed any of my bags yet. I wasn't sure what to go with, but with reading some of the other threads I decided to go with Collonil. For those that use Collonil, any advice such as how often to spray your bags(i.e. twice per year)? After you spray it do you just leave it to dry for a couple hours or so? Do you really notice much of a difference with using the spray? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I'm still waiting to spray my bags too! I bought the collonil from mulberry but then the BV SA told me not to spray and use a light wax based lotion instead! Unfortunately I couldn't find the one she recommended so I'm also interested in hearing your opinions/experiences!
  3. i was told many contradictory things at bv. one said not to spray and one said to spray. i decided to spray with meltonian which is what one sa recommended. i spray around once a month. i haven't been doing it for very long but in the couple of months i have been doing it i haven't noticed any negative changes. the bags look and feel exactlly as before. i haven't noticed any advantages either since i haven't spilled anything on them or gotten caught in the rain, etc. sorry that i couldn't be of more help.
  4. Syma: I was pretty confused on what to use, but it seemed a lot of people here used Collonil so I ordered it online. I haven't had the guts yet to use it! I think I might spray a small area on the bottom of my makeup bag(which I use more as clutch) and see how that goes.

    Annie: Thanks for the meltonian tip. Is it more a lotion or a light spray? I'm hoping whatever I use it will protect it from spills and help keep the leather in good condition as it ages.