for CL lovers - is there another shoe brand that comes very close?

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  1. I'm becoming obsessed with Charlotte Olympia - her shoes are just so ridiculously beautiful.

    I know Brian Atwood and Nicholas Kirkwood are seen as pretenders to the throne but I think designers like Nina Devito are streets ahead.
  2. I've tried shopping for other designers, but I only love a few of their pairs here and there. Overall, I love CL's so much more.

    CL, I can't quit you!!!

  3. Giuseppe Zanottis and YSL
  4. I also feel like we need a zanotti subforum *giving blatant hints to the mods*

  5. I second this, and also I have a special place in my heart for:

    * Margiela
    * Miu Miu(kills it with the sparrow& cat print platforms:nuts:)
    * Zanotti
    * YSL
    * Alaia


  6. ha!
  7. :nogood:
  8. 1. Choo
    2. Atwood
  9. CL has my heart!
    I have the odd pairs from other designers (Manolo, couple of JCs, Balenciaga, YSL, etc.) that I love but CLs... I love almost every pair! And I'm IN love with each and every one I have (and quite a few I don't have :graucho:)
  10. Manolos where my first love and as such CL will always have to share the spotlight (and closet space!) :biggrin:
  11. I feel the same way! My CL collection is growing (I am up to 7 pairs!) but it hasn't caught up to the number of Manolos in my closet yet, including my wedding shoes!

    I also have a number of Jimmy Choos, a few Pradas, Dior, and Gucci...but I have to confess that very recently I was saving for a ridiculously priced pair of CLs that I was determined to pay retail for because I was sure I could not live without them...and I ended up with a pair of Miu Mius that are TO DIE FOR, not to mention, extra money for my first pair of Zanotti for Balmain boots that were on sale at NMLC!

    My hubby is pleased because he was very agitated about the fact that I was about to surpass the expense mark set by my wedding shoes. He kept telling me, "But, you PROMISED that THOSE were different because they were the shoes you were going to marry ME in! Now you have no problem dropping more than a THOUSAND dollars on a non-wedding shoe!" So he is a happy camper...and honestly so am I... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CL, but I buy what I like regardless of what brand it is.
  12. I'll admit CLs will probably grab my eye first, because his designs are always a little naughty/sexy in a crazy kinda way.
    But the sparkles that come with Zanottis and Caovillas and Cavallis can make my heart flutter too. :cloud9:
    Oh, and of course Manolos just because I feel like I could still wear them when I'm 50.
  13. I feel like im a total SLUT for listing this but :
    - Midas shoes ( australian shoe brand and possibly what started my hell hole with shoes , i went crazy with the pre-CL days , have may be 80 pairs in my closet EEP )
    - Miu miu
    - Prada
    - Moschino
    - D&G
    - Gucci

    But i still love my CL's most ;)
  14. I also love YSL, especially the Tribtoos 90 and the Tribute sandals.
    But Cl's are my first love:cloud9:!!!!
  15. In my closet I have YSL, Chanel, Gucci, Sigerson Morrison, Tory Burch, Fendi, Pedro Garcia, Loeffler Randall, Ferragamo... a little of everything
    I have loved some Prada and Miu Miu, but have never pulled the trigger.
    Overall though, if I had to be dedicated to one brand for life, I'd choose CL.

    If I had to pick a second, it'd be YSL.