for Choo fans, Do you see any of their

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  1. bags other than the "Ramona" as timeless? Spent an hour in the Choo boutique today and was too unsure to buy. Tks.
  2. I also haven't seen a "choo" bag other than the Ramona that stands out.........
  3. I think the older Tulitas are classic timeless bags. I guess it depends on what you like...I have a couple of Maddy's that I will carry forever, but I tend to not follow the crowd. I could care less about Chanel Flap bags or LV, but that is just me.
  4. For me, the Ramona, Riki, Maddy, Mahala, Ring, Cigar, Tasha, Tam, JC7, Tish, Troy, etc. are timeless. More specifically, bags from the Morse and Tulita collection from 2006-2009 represent timeless Choo to me.

    Nothing in the past 3 years have struck me as having a timeless character.
  5. I have to agree...the last couple of years have done nothing for me personally.