for Canadians

  1. I was just wondering if you could use the 10% first purchase discount at LV with the Holt Renfrew American Express card? I know it excludes Tiffany and some other stuff but i'm not sure about LV. TIA =)
  2. i heard that you cant : ( but you should ask and double check.. becasue i heard LV and gucci you cant : (
  3. No, you can't for LV
  4. I was told by American Express on Friday, that you CAN. Interesting, huh?!
  5. I'm pretty sure you can't.. just cause it's a lease counter and it doesn't have to participate in all of the events (e.g. it doesn't take part in AMEX day either).

    But at least we get the benefit of Private Shopping Night at Holts ! :yahoo:
  6. I am 100% sure you can't. The 10% off definitely does not apply to Tiffany, LV, and Chanel.
  7. You can't. I have the card and asked and they said nope! :tdown:
  8. I have the card and called LV and they said no :sad: So sad.

    Does anyone know if you still get 1.4 times the points in LV in Holts, Tiffany, etc?
  9. ^ Yes you do.
  10. darns that sucks =(..thanks for the help though

  11. When I called Holt's, that was exactly what they told me :yes: