For Bordeaux Lovers!

  1. LOL...indeed!!! haha
  2. *gasp* How stunning! I love bordeaux.... I am going to have to put this on my list!! Gorgeous!

    I shouldn't have opened this thread. I need to stick to my ban!
  3. I love it!!!! If only I could find the elusive Blake to go with it!
  4. That is so cute. I love the watch and I love that it matches. I was excited b/c I recently found a pair of Manolos on sale from this season in almost the exact same color bordeaux as the bag. I had to buy them, of course.

    It's funny that since finding TPF I now try to buy things that match my bags, instead of matching the bag to my clothes & shoes I already have...LOL.
  5. Wow, I truly love the bordeaux only if I can find the bordeaux blake to match...
  6. I'm going to put in on my wishlist too! Sorry I'm enabling you Thithi!!:graucho::supacool:
  7. Love that watch!!! Bordeaux is one of my favorite colors.
  8. Yeah I saw that too!!! I bought an MJ watch a few weeks ago and have yet to post I want that one too!!!! Shoot!!!
  9. so classy; love those watches.
  10. I really like those watches!
  11. ooooh, this will go with my bordeaux zc and plum stam nicely...thanks for the heads up guys!
  12. Really nice!! I want one!
  13. OMG I love it! :love: I wish I could grab one but I'm trying so hard to be good right now!
  14. The watches looks really nice. Very timeless.