For Belles du Mexique and Mousseline Lovers...

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  1. I am completely smitten with these babies! (All three in the 90 x 90 cm size.)


  2. [​IMG]

  3. [​IMG]

  4. Oh, gosh, they are stunning!!! I love them all but especially this one:

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!!I wouldn't know which to choose!
  7. I didn't know this came as a mousseline. Now I have another to add to my want list. They're lovely! Thanks for posting.
  8. Oh I love love love this!!! :love: :love:


  9. :drool: and :love: !!!
    Congrats Gina !!! All are gorgeous :heart: !
    I undertsand why you had the 3...It's really impossible to choose just 1 :graucho: ...
  10. They are beautiful, gina! Thanks for sharing. I have only seen Belles du Mexique in cashmere shawls, but not yet in mousseline. They look so luxuriously soft. :girlsigh:
  11. Actually, they're presents for other people. But I'll get one one of these days, definitely!
  12. They are so beautiful. I love mousselines. I have to get to H. I didn't even know these were available yet.

    Gina, are the 35cm mousses still $385?
  13. Wow, those are really beautiful Gina_b! Fantastic gifts, and I know I would have a hard time parting with them! I have the scarf, and it's amazing how beautifully the pattern works in a mousseline too! I don't know which I like best. I keep going back over the pics!
  14. You have amazing taste, and your friends are very lucky. Thanks for sharing pics of these beautiful scarves.
  15. I don't know, RC. Is that how much they cost in the US this year? I don't think they've changed the prices... yet.