For BBag Fans Who Also Love the Spy Bag Leather

  1. Would an Ivory Spy Bag be more or less delicate than an Ivory BBag? I am thinking about adding a spy to diversify my collection. Thanks!
  2. brunette...I love the Spy leather, but I ended up choosing Balenciaga leather. The Spy leather hasn't got as much glaze on it as the Balenciaga bags do, and as a result the Spy bags stain easier with oily & wet substances. I have just bought an Ivory Matelasse bag and the leather looks impeccable. I am really excited about it. If you like the Spy - get one! I just felt I had to be really careful where I put her down...I'm excited by the Ivory Matelasse because it won't show the dirt as much as white, it's got the glazed leather so it's easier to keep clean, the handles are a pebbled more durable leather so it will be very easy to prevent warming and the quilting effect gives Ivory so much dimension with light & dark...:yahoo:This isn't my pic, but I can't wait to post more!!!
  3. Hi Brunettetiger,

    Although I can't really comment on the ivory color as I don't own an ivory bag in either brand, I do own Spy bags and a Bal City, so I thought my feedback might be helpful.

    I have a Cognac Spy and a Hologram Spy, and I find both to be quite delicate. I was very careful with my Cognac Spy when I first got it, and now it looks pretty rough. The bottom and corners of the bag are all dry and lighter colored, and no amount of leather conditioning has helped. I've carried my Bal City for two months solid, and while it is black, I've been much less careful with it and it still looks great.

    So, my verdict is that Bal leather is more durable. Hope this helps!
  4. Good god kdc, that leather looks delish. Like pillows of soft, bountiful clouds.
  5. I had a cognac spy for a short while with great bubbly leather but I can't comment on durability because I realized I'm a bbag girl and I didn't use the spy... Bal leather is glossier, thinner and smooshier and you can do a lot with LMB products if it gets dirty. Can't comment on the Spy, though mine was not really shiny and vintage-y so it's definitely different.
  6. Thanks REREsaurus (yep, I'm excited and I am floating on those pillows of softness in my dreams - of course with a buffed naked man beside me LOL)...Anyway, back to the point, the Spy leather is almost a naked Nappa leather. It is quite hard to clean and the leather has a tendancy to dry on worn corners and also absorb any fluids easily. I stick to Balenciaga because they do age well and if they do get beaten up a bit, the look even cooler!