For anyone wondering about Azur durability...

  1. I took these this morning to post on another thread, but figured it might be worth a thread of its' own, since I know there are a lot of peeps concerned over the durability of the Azur. (esp. the canvas in regards to staining etc.)

    I got my bag in November, shortly after it was released and I have used it almost every day since. I was really careful in the beginning, but I have been less careful lately. It ends up on the floor more than I would like to admit.

    Here she is:
    Saleya inside I.JPG Saleya inside II.JPG Saleya inside III.JPG Saleya bottom.JPG Saleya handles.JPG
  2. Great pics!!! Nice inside me an idea how big it is.

    Yep, the Azur seems to be pretty durable! Just gotta be careful w/ the vachetta. Your vachetta looks pretty good!! :yes:

    Thanks for the pics!! ;)
  3. That's really good to know :smile: and your purse is gorgeous btw!
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. I adore you bag - makes me want to pick up an Azur piece. I am so glad to see that this line holds up to use. Thank you so much for posting pics!
  5. mmmm... I had to force myself not to get the Saleya azur one the other day, they had 1 at elux... instead ordered the mini lin. Love your bag, adore azur, can't wait to get my next piece of azur, have mini pochette and cles, dropped chocolate hagendaz bar on the white part of the pochette and cleaned it with soap and dish washing detergent and it came right out... no worries....

    I just love pale and fresh! thanks for the post...
  6. Hmmmm .... looks like the Azur holds up pretty good.

    Thanks for posting! :love:
  7. Love Azur!
  8. Thanks for the pics! I'm definitely getting my Speedy 30 tonight...but your pictures make me want a Saleya now too!
  9. Wow. It still looks like new. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Your bag does still look new. The only flaw I notice is some dirt on the bottom piping but the handles and canvas look phenom. Do you carry it by the handles or over the shoulder? If I could freeze the patina process at your stage I'd be a happy camper. I wouldn't wear my bag in the rain though so I wonder if it is rain that makes patina turn that very dark caramel color I don't particularly care for. Since I really baby my bags I think I would be fine w/ an azur and I guess I could just replace the vachetta if need be at some point. I don't wear my mono speedy on wet days either. Have you sprayed your bag w/ anything on the vachetta? Has it been in the rain yet?

    Oh heck I think I'm just going to get it if one becomes available on elux at the end of May. I may need the help of you ladies to trap one in your shopping cart though!
  11. ^^ yeah - I noticed that mark also, but I am too lazy (and don't really care enough) to try to remove it! I might try the baby wipes ones of these months. I can't answer your questions about what hastens the patina process... however I personally like the dark patina and I think it will look pretty on the azur. See, the azur isn't WHITE - it's very creamy, and with the gold hardware, I think that the dark patina will look good.

    I have taken it out in the rain, but I try as much as possible to keep it covered. There are very pale rain spots. Also - my one year old son chewed on the handle once or twice. I carry it mostly on my shoulder, sometime in my hand when I need too.

    Hope that helps!!
  12. lol about your one year old son chewing on the handle! I can totally relate bec. I let my one year old son(next month he'll be one) chew on my burberry handle and the metal bar thing that is attached to it! I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for it and I'll try to relax. I think I wouldn't have issues w/ the patina if the bag was around for a while and I'd seen it and gotten used to it w/ the patina look, for example when I see mono w/ patina I find that normal looking, it fits into my schema. But since I saw this bag at it's inception I only know it w/ the white vachetta. I'm pretty sure I will get it though should one become available bec. speedy prices are only going up and I won't buy a used speedy w/ vachetta. I could just get the bv next spring on eBay since I planned it to be knock around bag no point in spending 700 on that one. Thanks for your help. As far as spraying bags and such I am too conservative to spray anything on my bags, afraid of ruining them w/ it and making an oooops.
  13. thanks for sharing ... now i can use my azur more often ;)
  14. Thanks for sharing the pics. Your Saleya still looks gorgeous! Even if you don't want to clean the piping which is not noticeable since it's waayy down on the bottom.:flowers:

    I'll be the minority here since I love the pale vachetta more maybe a slightly light patina will be acceptable. My dh won't let me using SM on it. Now I'm stuck with this product; wishing it away.:rolleyes:
  15. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Your Azur looks me hope!!! The patina was scary for me...but Im slowly getting over it!!!! I just wish that they will make some new shoulder styles.....:yes: