For Anyone With Listing Restrictions

  1. So I have listing restrictions on my dads account, Lately I have filled it up with designer items that I have bought, not used or fed up with. But I never thought they would put restrictions on the account. I listed an expensive item the other day and when I went to edit the listing I couldnt, there was a restriction on it. What didnt make any sense is that the item was allready listed I only wanted to edit it because there were some errors in the listing, now I dont think the item will sell because of these errors and I will lose money, eBay will still get their listing fees which were pretty high :cursing:.

    So I went on live chat and chatted about this to an eBay Rep who was quite helpful until she said please e-mail eBay trust and safety. It was like this problem is being passed on, obviously there are fakes but I see fake sellers with lots of bags on, and I cant even revise a listing.

    So I did e-mail ebay trust and safety (here is the e-mail)

    "Message: Hello, currently my account has a restriction on it and I
    cannot list any more items, But I would like to edit an item that is
    allready listed and I cannot do this. It doesnt make any sense because
    the item is allready listed an on ebay. All my items are 100% authentic
    and bought from the store myself and I would Never sell a fake. Please
    could I have this restriction removed, my ID is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, the item Im
    trying to edit is Item number: xxxxxxxxxx


    here is the responce I got back:


    Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to
    revise your item xxxxxxxxxx and would like to explain further.

    I would like to inform you that eBay has introduced new initiatives to
    ensure the safety of our members because we're committed to keeping
    fraud and counterfeits off our site. These new initiatives apply to
    every registered member on the site, so please don't feel that we're
    singling you out.

    Here are some of the restrictions in place:

    1) You must be registered for a period of time to sell certain items.
    2) Cross-border trade for certain types of items will be restricted.
    3) Sellers must verify their PayPal account and link it to their eBay
    4) The high volume listing of certain types of items will be restricted.
    5) 1 & 3 day listings will no longer be available for certain types of

    If you inadvertently try to list a restricted item on eBay, an error
    message with further information will pop up to let you know which
    restriction is being breached. I'm afraid we don't share any further
    information about specific restrictions. By revealing this information
    we could help members intent on circumventing these initiatives to avoid

    Please understand that these initiatives are designed to protect all of
    our members from fraud and counterfeits. We appreciate your
    understanding and cooperation.

    I realise that this may not be the answer that you'd anticipated, but I
    hope that this information helps to clarify our position for you.

    Kind regards,

    eBay Customer Support"

    Is it just me or do they not understand that messages like this do not help me, Iam the one losing out. Ebay still gets their money and they think they are doing something good. This is not helping people.
  2. This happened to my mum a while back, we had to get quite arsey with ebay, and had all these problems saying your ebay account isnt linked with payapl etc, even though we are verified. I took about 2 weeks to sort it out! Keep emailing them and they should eventually sort it!
  3. Yeah, it's really stupid. And their little secret list of restricted keywords is BS too. If you don't know it isn't allowed then why do they just pull your listing? They should give you a warning to revise it w/in a certain time period...something. Absolute PITA!
  4. I've emailed them 3 times about my account being restricted. All of their responses are "form" emails and the last one I received basically said that I could keep emailing them, but that they would no longer respond. Here it is...

    "Dear XXXXX,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the restriction on your account.

    We understand that you may feel that the decision to restrict your account was unjustified. We take your concerns very seriously. However, after reviewing your situation again, we have decided that your account will remain restricted.

    According to the terms of the eBay User Agreement, if we believe your actions may cause financial loss or legal liability for you, our users, or eBay, your account may be suspended or terminated.

    Please note that only a small percentage of items will be restricted from this trade. The majority of items should still be permissible for worldwide trade without any restrictions or penalties.

    We have fully investigated this issue and have come to a point in which no further discussion is needed. We have provided you with all the information we can at this time. We will continue reading emails from you, but we may be unable to reply to them if they are related to the issues we have already discussed.

    Thank you for your time.


    eBay Customer Support"

    My account is supposedly restricted for 7 days, but eBay of course will not tell me how many items I can list or how many revisions I can make. This is such BS!:cursing:

    P.S. I did find a way around the restriction on my account, but I'm worried that they will pull my listings and totally suspend me!
  5. OMG I find them quite rude. Im so pissed off that Im losing money, its cost me quite alot to make these listings and now Im gunna be out of money because I cant edit the listings to send to worldwide and I cant edit the errors in my listings.

    Do you mind me asking you the way you get round this ??, can you PM me if you dont feel comfortable posting it here :smile:
  6. This same crap happened to me. I listed a set of US medical licensure books from a famous test prep company (won't name, but I used to even work for them after I graduated college!). I paid nearly $4000 for the prep course. The course includes the actual lectures and the lecture books. So, I took the exam, did well, and decided to sell the books b/c I don't need them anymore. I mine as well pass them onto somebody that can't spend thousands taking a test prep course and get a little bit of my money back. Well, I listed them and they got pulled within a day. I was like huh?! Apparently, I'm not allowed to resell them even though I paid for the course??? I don't see how this is any different than me going to the store and buying a designer handbag and selling it after I'm done with it?

    At that, there are dishonest people that bootleg the software, illegally photocopy these books, bind them at their local Kinkos and sell them for $500-$600, sometimes $1000! Yet, they continue to do business and I can't sell something that I paid good money for?

    Because of the "flag" on my account I couldn't list an LV I am desperate to list for the cash. But, they let me list other high end designer items, like Chanel and Louboutin? The sad thing is, those items retail for about the same if not more than my little pochette bosphore I want to sell. lol

    Their two responses to me have been the same generic BS, copy and paste, and they said that they have limited my account on selling certain items for 6 months?

    I also felt somewhat insulted b/c they made it seem like I was trying to sell a fake LV or something. I mean I honestly gag with the thought of buying or selling a fake. lol

    I mean at this rate, I could go create a new account and sell it, but obviously I wanted to sell it under my name b/c I have 100% as both a buyer and seller, but more importantly as a seller of authentic designer goods.

    Ebay can suck it at this point. Their fees are ridiculous and I don't appreciate that tons of thieves are allowed to sell counterfeit items, but yet honest people like us are punished for something we didn't even know?

    Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to rant as I actually received another one of their generic responses minutes ago that looks exactly like the PP!
  7. LMAO I think I found a loophole too, but I haven't tested it out as I too am scared of getting suspended. I swear my account is heavily watched just like a passport gets flagged if you try to come into the country with more designer goods than you claim on the customs form. Leave it to my sister to do that on her way back from Paris. :roflmfao:

    Oh, and they said I could appeal the account restriction in 6 months...gee thanks!
  8. Hi All,

    These links might be helpful to everyone. I got them from some posts on eBay's trust and safety discussion forum before eBay decided to pull our posts. Guess you're not allowed to talk about your account in any way on their forums!

    The next 2 links are from back in December, but I guess that is why eBay first started to implement this new policy, guideline, or whatever you want to call it. Of course they did it right before Christmas, so you can understand why all of these sellers would be PO'd.

    I don't know how they are deciding who to restrict. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I don't sell LV, and I usually have 20 listings max going at one time and they are not all for designer items. I don't know all that much about LV, but from what I've read on here and other places, I would imagine that a very high percentage of it on eBay is fake because LV doesn't sell their stuff to those who want to resell it. Socialite, can you shed any light on this? oh, and Socialite, please don't be offended because I believe that your bags are real. :smile:
  9. So I think I may have fixed my listing restriction, but I'm won't be 100% sure until I list something that is higher dollar. I was shipping an item through PayPal multiorder shipping and was trying to import an eBay order where the buyer had paid by MO. I got an error that my the password and eBay ID listed in my PayPal account did not match. I don't remember where I read this, but I had heard that eBay was restricting accounts where the eBay ID on file in PayPal didn't match the active eBay ID being used on eBay. I recently changed my eBay ID and didn't think anything of it because I was getting my payments through PayPal just fine. So I just updated my eBay ID info in PayPal and was able to list a Coach bag without any problems. You all may want to check this on your own accounts if you have ever changed your eBay ID. To do this in PayPal, go to profile then go to auctions. This will show your auction accounts. Check to make sure what is showing in PayPal matches your current eBay ID. Mine didn't and since I have updated it the problem seems to be fixed. I will know for sure once I try to list a higher end item, but prior to me making this change eBay would not let me list anything that had a designer's name in the title, regardless of what the dollar amount was. Anyway, I hope this helps! My question is how hard would it have been for eBay to at least send a message out that there was a discrepancy between the ID being used on eBay and the one on file with PayPal? I just don't understand why they always have to be so cryptic about everything! I hope this works for you guys too!
  10. Well, I THOUGHT I may have fixed my restriction by updating my eBay ID in PayPal.... but it appears the restriction is back in force. I cannot revise any of my listings that have designer's names on them. I just emailed eBay again to ask if the restriction was because of the mis-matched IDs, but I don't know if they will respond since the last email they sent me said that they were no longer going to respond to my emails. I was actually pleasant in the email, but who knows... I'll continue to use the loophole I found, but cautiously so they don't pull my listings or suspend my account. This whole thing is pissing me off to no end! :cursing:
  11. OK... So here is my story!

    I buy and sell on Ebay all the time, how else can we get money to buy new bags???

    I had a white multicolor alma listed soon after I sold a zipped cherry compact wallet. When I had the wallet listed, I found that someone else had stolen my pics. Like and IDIOT I emailed them and said "You are a thief! You stole the pics of MY wallet to try and sell your fake piece of crap! END YOUR LISTING IMMEDIATELY!" Well I reported them as well and their listing was pulled.

    Well DUH, of course they would get back at me. They reported my multi bag as FAKE. Let me tell you all, I HATE FAKE BAGS! HATE HATE HATE :cursing: So anyway not only did Ebay remove my listing, they also put me on PROBATION. No one will tell me how long, or how many items I can list, but I too have restrictions.:confused1: I am so sick of this crap! I have bags and shoes I NEED to sell! I have bought in the last few months a blue denim patchwork speedy, a silver miroir lockit (I had the gols too but I couldn't keep both) and the neo cabby mm in black. I NEED the money! I have got to pay my credit card bill, but I can only list a couple of items at a time. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:censor:
  12. That's pretty rude that the other seller reported your bag. I haven't had anyone steal my pics yet, but if it does ever happen I will just report them to eBay and not deal with the other party. People can be vindictive, even if they are in the wrong... My account is still restricted and eBay sent me an email saying that I can email them, but that they will now not respond to me. Nice, right? Looks like they are only restricting my listings for designer items. I found a loophole in getting around this, but am being careful because if eBay catches on I'm sure they will either pull my listings or suspend my account.
  13. I'm sorry that this is all happening to you! How long is your account restricted for? I somehow got 6 months. lol I have no idea why because I have never ever done anything remotely wrong until my copyrighted books incident (see above).

    I too have some $$$ items that I want to sell, but I guess I will have to lay low for a bit.

    I know the "loophole" that you guys are referring to. Does it work? I'm scared that if I do it that I will get busted and get suspended. lol
  14. I don't know how long my restriction is for. If I try to list an item that has a designer name, I get an error that says I can only list and revise a certain amount of items every 7 days. But I don't know what the # of items or revisions are. The listings I've been able to post via the "loophole" will only let me revise them once, and that is the initial revision to get them on there. I was able to post a couple of items last night after I updated PayPal with my current eBay ID, but I guess that wasn't the problem. The loophole works, but I'm not going crazy listing a ton of stuff because I don't want my account to be suspended. How did you find out that your account is restricted for 6 months? eBay wouldn't give me any details, and now they won't email me back. Guess they weren't kidding that they weren't going to respond to me any more! This whole thing is so frustrating and stupid!
  15. Hi all, sorry Im so late at replying to my own thread lol, ive been so busy Ive hardly had time to go on tPF. Yes I now know the Loophole thanks to skigirl73 and I may use it, But Im thinking about that because if ebay gets what Im doing they may close the account :sad:. Yes I too have bought items to sell and Im currently losing out on money I really need for this summer.

    Im so sorry this happened to you all, ashakes that is stupid that Ebay wont let you sell your LV, there is not sense in their reason, Other brands are also faked :confused1:.

    Please keep me updated with all your restrictions :flowers: