For Anyone Who's Seen Devil Wears Prada...

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  1. If you've seen the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada,' which I, by the way, LOVE, I'd appreciate if you could answer a question. When Andy is meeting with her friends, she shows off to them some of the freebies she gets working for Runway. One of them is a Marc Jacobs bag in teal that she gives to Lily. Could anyone tell me what model this is, and if I can find it anywhere? Thanks!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's the multi-pocket MJ w/c was released a few years ago. It was really popular then! I've been lusting on it since I came across it but didn't really follow through. If I find her at this point in time I'll probably buy her still.
  3. I remember that scene very well! I like when Andy's friend says, "And it's preeeeettttyyy." :p Anyway, I think the bag is the Large Multipocket in Denim with gold hardware. I believe some Nordstrom Racks had this Denim MP in both the small and the large a while back. eBay is probably your best bet now.
  4. the exact color of this bag was much discussed around here, I know someone was able to track one down and buy it too. I slightly remember that it was blueberry? but I'm not sure about the color, not denim though.

    maybe if you search just this forum for the word "prada" you'll find those old threads?
  5. Luvpurses24 is correct, the bag shown was the Large Multipocket in Denim with gold hardware. I'm not aware of any stores that have them currently so I believe eBay is your best bet. Good luck!
  6. ^Yup it's 'denim'..there was a thread about this when the movie came out..gorgeous bag & color!!
  7. I have been searching for the lg mp in denim for a long time and have had NO luck, there have been several small denim mp's on ebay but NO lg!!I want that bag as much as you do, if you ever find it let me know where? Thanks and Good Luck:sad::heart::tender: