For Anyone who Wanted White with Silver Hardware...

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  1. I have bad news. You cant get it.

    Bal is not producing ANY white this fall, cream is its replacement. I've been dreaming of a white work with silver hardware since I knew silver was coming and now I have to come up with a new plan.

    Also, they will not be making cream with Giant Silver iether. I didnt want that anyway but fyi just in case someone did.
  2. I saw the Giant Cream Brief with gold hardware yesterday at BalNY and it was gorgeous.:drool:
  3. Yes Giant Gold....but not Giant Silver. I really really really wanted white with Giant Silver and I am not a fan of cream for myself.
  4. I've never seen a pure white bbag before. I know with Chloe pure white bags (blanc) sometimes look chalky, or have leather that looks spray-painted on. I always preferred my Chloe bags in a cream based color instead (craie). Is this the same with bbags?
  5. It varies from season to season. I have a F06 White Twiggy that is a chalky white but nowhere near cream, same with the 05 white first I sold.

    The S07 whites are PURE white, really bright white.

    In the BBag world to be called White vs Cream means essentially they are two distinct colours. Cream will definitely have more yellow undertones without being yellow....if that makes any sense.
  6. Well ... an option might be the White Matelasse, which has Silver Hardware. It's available in both the Small/Medium and Grande/Large sizes.