for anyone who has been abroad..

  1. What should I bring for my electronics? There are adapters and converters. What is the difference? I just need to charge my phone and use my curling iron? help! thx.
  2. Look on the back of your stuff. If it says 110-240 or something alone those lines, all you need is an adapter plug. If it doesn't go up to 240, you will need a power converter that can be kinda expensive...may not even be worth it to bring it with you
  3. You need an adaptor. The US is not wired in the same voltage( I think is the word) as many countries.
    They sell one that has adapters for everywhere in the world. I think I got mine on sale for $19.99 at Sharper Image.
  4. yeah, you do need an adaptor; we made the mistake of not bringing one when we went to Europe and my mom fried her hair dryer :lol:
  5. hey, thanks guys but after doing a bit of research, isnt the opposite for electrical devices, as in curling irons, to get a converter? I read the adapter was just so the plug would fit the wall, nothing about converting the electricity. I am all confused :sad:
  6. Ok, there is a difference between an adapter and a voltage converter. You will need a regular adapter for things like your camera charger, your phone charger, etc. and you will need a converter for things like your hairdryer, straightener, or curler. Basically because the outlets in the UK (and Europe) put out too much electricity for an American appliance to handle, you need a device that will tone it down. You can find these at sharper image - they normally sell them in packs of adapters and one converter. Your best bet is to write down the voltage of your current hair appliances, go to a store that sells converters, and ask the sales person to help you find what will work for you. It may just be easier, however, to buy a hairdryer or whatever once you're here, since you can find them for relatively cheap prices. It's also important to note what country your going to - France and the UK have different adapters, for example. Good luck!
  7. Do you know what stores sell these products? I don;t think I have enough time to order online and what for it to ship :sweatdrop:
  8. LOL never mind, I thought Sharper Image was an online store. oops!
  9. The one time I actually remembered my adaptor, the hotel had these outlets where the sockets were indented so the adaptor wouldn't fit. There was nothing I could do about that :shrugs:
  10. You need to look on your stuff! If it has 110-240 on there, you don't need a power convertor...You just need a plug adapter. If it only goes up to 120 (more than likely your curling iron..i can't imagine that your cell charger doesn't go up to 240), then you need to get a power converter
  11. Really? I took my straightener to Paris and all I had to use was an adapter and it worked fine. :shrugs:
  12. I'm sorry, it is a converter that you need. This product I bought at sharper image was a converter & adaptor all in one.
  13. If you are in the US, our voltage is 110 for all your hair stuff.
    Voltage in Europe is normally 220 which is why our appliances fry over there without a converter.
  14. I think you can buy them in luggage and travel stores -- I believe mine are Samsonite.
  15. Don't get your stuff fried!

    Tumi has great travel accessories including adaptors.

    As for your phone -- a USB charger would also work if you're bringing a laptop with you. Also ensure that your phone has global roaming enabled.