For anyone thinking about the Madison Shoulder bag

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  1. It is really big, But it fits your shoulder so well you don't notice the size. I have a problem with handles sliding off my shoulders, but this one doesn't. The Crimson is incredible and I decided if it has problems in the time I carry it, I'll send it back. I was thinking of another Alexandra, But I'm much happier with the Madison.
  2. :useless: pretty please!!
  3. I am on the fence between a few bags right now. The Shoulder bag, Sophia and Mia Maggie. I felt like the shoulder bag was big but it was definitely gorgeous.
  4. I had all the bags above and finally decided on two shoulder bags. The black leather and crimson ones and I LOVE both of them. Good luck.
  5. If you check out my showcase you'll see the gorgeous Crimson bag and matching wallet. It's such a fantastic bag against my black winter coat, lovely pop of colour.

    Hope that helps!
  6. ditto:yes::tup:
  7. Just wondering...has anyone heard or seen any pics of the Madison Shoulder bag coming out in a medium size?

    Those who bought one, does it say Large Shoulder Bag on the tag....or just shoulder bag?
  8. There was a rumour on tpf that they may be releasing a smaller version of the "Large Shoulder" come Spring.

    It does say Madison Large Shoulder on the tag.
  9. The Madison shoulder bag is big, but I rather like how it looks.
  10. :thinking:
    I was just wondering, because in one of those spring preview pics I saw a light colored bag that looked just like the Madison Sh Bag but a little smaller. ? I wonder if there will be a medium size. :thinking:
  11. I WISH the crimson shoulder bag came in a smaller size. I don't carry a lot of stuff and my stuff was at the bottom of an endless pit :sad:

    I have a bad shoulder so can't load it up. I just wish it was a little shorter so it didn't seem so bottomless. I almost ordered it anyway, but I think I would probably regret it. I am so sad because I love crimson.