For anyone that works out right after work!

  1. Hey guys!
    I just needed a few suggestions on what to eat an hour or so prior to my workout. I usually have lunch around 1 and I go work out around 6:30 right after work... but sometimes I find myself without energy and feel like fainting during my workouts. What do you guys eat before to get some energy???

  2. I would recommend something higher in protein for lunch, like..chicken or tuna, combined with some high fiber items like lentils (papa can you hear me? sorry, bad joke). Then add something like a zone perfect bar and some fruit as a snack around 4 or 5pm. Don't forget your water, but tone it down about an hour before your work out.
  3. i usually have a tuna salad for lunch. i also eat at 1/1:30. you can do a yogurt, power bar, a small light snack (fruit, crackers, etc)
  4. Nuts are a good option. You need very few and they will provide you with the needed energy. By the way, be careful what you eat for lunch. I find if I have a carb heavy lunch, I conk out in the middle of my workout.
  5. ITA with this. I always do a low carb lunch for this very reason. I also like Charles' idea for protein...I even have a small piece of cheese before I work out in the early evening.
  6. Protein bars, protein shakes, nuts, trail mix, low fat yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit, whole grain toast with natural peanut butter and a banana, etc., are all good pre-workout snack ideas :smile: I work out in the morning, but usually eat a filling afternoon snack around 3:30 p.m. to keep me from raiding the candy dish :p
  7. I'd recommend fruit. I usually have some lean protein, veggies and a tiny bit of carbs for lunch (at noon). And then around 2 and a half hours before my workout I'll have some fruit. I find that fruit makes me feel less full and more energised than protein again, and also, it doesn't give me heartburn (very prone to it) while exercising.

    Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.
  8. I usually have a granola bar (a healthy one, not the sugary ones with chocolate chips and whatnot).
  9. Oatmeal is not a bad choice either. Something that is not an immediate breakdown carb-wise would be a good idea.

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  10. i usually have a light snack before working out..carrots etc.
  11. thank you all so much!! I need to try to eat some more nuts with my salad.
  12. i've eaten a small packet of oatmeal also
  13. Before I work out I eat fresh fruit or small cut up veggies like carrot sticks and some nuts like almonds which are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium. If I feel tired and don't have enough energy I eat a protein bar.
  14. Protein bars are the best options... try Advantage by Atkins or Balance Bars, they give so much energy... Protein shakes too, the one by Atkins has a lot of protein and 0 sugar.... only 150 calories...
  15. Right before your workout no matter what you have eaten before eat a banana, you'll need the glucose and the potassium for energy. It always seems to help my bf tells me to do so...he used to be a personal trainer. :love: