For all you whiskey-carrying gals, what colors are in your wardobe?

  1. After some more thought and my post down below, I am still more drawn to the whiskey than my brun.

    But I still need some further info. on the colors you find work best with whiskey. It seems neutral to me, yet I'm not sure it would work with dark browns.

    Thoughts on clothing colors that work the best?
  2. If I had a whiskey I would wear a lot of white & cream tops. That's the color I tend to wear with my boots that are that color. I do not own a whiskey paddy but i would think it would go well with green, black, white, cream. I'm only taking a guess. I bet Audrey could answer you question. I think she has a whiskey bag.
  3. I wear my whiskey with lots of different colors... I agree with L_Rod, neutrals look best! This way it really pops against your outfits!!! :yes: Creams, browns, blacks, greys, teals (muted, not bright), dark blues, and greens are really great with whiskey. I personally stay away from wearing bright red or orange because I think it kinda overshadows the bag, you know?

    My favorite outfit to wear with whiskey :love::
    Dark denim skinnys (True Religion stellas are :heart:)
    Cream colored top (Cynthia Vincent's wrap or Elie Tahari's blouse)
    Ballet flats (London Sole)
  4. Audrey, that outfit sounds divine. I'm going to print that out to help steer me in the right directions with colors.

    I tend to go towards neutrals for clothing, so I think this should be a very workable color.

    Don't know why I haven't carried my Whiskey baby yet, but I tend to like to sit and think about my bags for a little bit before using. Always afraid to take that first step and let the world see my purse goodies. :graucho: :P
  5. Whiskey is going to work great for you!! :heart: I'm always a bit nervous the first time I carry a new bag too. :shame: Once you start carrying it, you'll feel more comfortable. :yes:
  6. I love to wear a lot of cream colored clothing with this bag too, but it also works with pretty much most warm neutrals. I even saw a girl wearing a whiskey with a soft pink shirt and it looked great. I think whiskey works well with lighter colored tops in general. Good luck! I love this bag!

  7. I really like black with the whiskey bags. When my whiskey Edith arrives I plan to wear a lot of all black outfits with it. :nuts:
  8. I have my Whiskey Paddy today and am wearing SFAM jeans with a white sweater and Whiskey colored flowered cowboy boots (really cute boots by Seychelles). I agree that neutrals make the Whiskey color pop.
  9. The last time i wore whiskey was with a pair of dark denim jeans, a cream v neck sweater, a faux suede beige/light tan gilet, whiskey coloured heeled pumps and a gold coloured bracelet.

    I think it helps, no matter which colours you choose to wear with whiskey, to pick out either the gold from the brassware or the colour of the leather in a part of your outfit - whether it be a pair of simple gold earrings or just a whiskey coloured belt/scarf...that way you can 'tie-in' the outfit to the bag without it being too matchy.:smile:
  10. Though I don't have a whiskey myself, I can see it going with SOOO many colors, hence it being a Chole classic color!!:yes: But yeah, I guess the beauty in Whiskey lies in it "popping" with an outfit, so just stay away from colors that would compete with the whiskey color! Dark denim with a color that stays away fom reds, burgundys, bright browns!!! Outstanding!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: