For all you Tinkerbell fans...

  1. Went to Vegas for a little vacation & only now got around to looking at all the pictures!

    These were in one of the boutiques in one of the hotels on the strip... so cute!
    tink1.JPG tink2.JPG
  2. lol for some reason I thought you were talking about the LV bag:roflmfao:
  3. Wow i want one!

  4. LOL! I thought about that after I posted the thread....but this one is just as cute! :p
  5. Yes that one is a cutie as well, reminds me of the Hello Kitty one they had touring the NMs.
  6. Wouldn't that bag be cute for a Prom or the like?
  7. I'm a total Tinkerbell fan and that's SO cute!
  8. OMG Mary Would Love this, It reminds me of her.
  9. Beautiful!
    I love Tink!
    Thanks for sharing!