For all you Skinny Minnies Out there...

  1. I wear a size 0 jeans and have a really hard time finding a good pair of jeans. I like to wear tight jeans with back pockets (to make my butt look bigger lol) I have had the same pair of jeans for the past few years and it's about time I get some new ones. The old ones are starting to get holes and look bad. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks :yes:
  2. I have ZERO butt and I love Paige, Citizens, & SFAM!
  3. Oh, what a problem to have. You are a lucky one, don't forget it :yes:
  4. I'm the same size as you.

    Paige Premium Denim fits me PERFECT in a 24. And I think by your description, you might like Frankie B's too (a 0 would probably fit you but sometimes they run real small!)

  5. :yes: :yahoo:

    thank you all for your help...i will be sure to check em out!
  6. I'm in the same boat. I bought a pair of Paige jeans, a week or so ago, and they fit well.
  7. :lol: :lol: I wear a size 10 ...I guess that makes me 10 times bigger than you!! LOL!! Wow...that makes me feel HUGE!
  8. get the true religion joey jean. lol. i'm 5'9", size 25, and thats all i wear these days. i get the extra long 34" or 36" inseam though.
  9. despite trying on everything under the sun...I still haven't been able to find any jeans that fit me better than SFAM...a size 23 (easier to find online than in store) or 24 fits me...good luck!
  10. Since I spend most of my "extra" income on handbags pricey jeans are not in my budget. However, since I wear a size 4 I'm usually able to find some decent jeans at Goodwill and consigment shops. I wear James Perse and Michael Stars tops along with some great accessories so the jeans (hopefully) are not that important. I suppose if I did buy the pricey jeans one time I would probably change my mind.
  11. Thank you for more great suggestions!!:choochoo:
  12. i agree with jen, a lot of size 24s are big on me but paige laurel canyon 24s and frankie B 0s are perfect
  13. My faves are Guess brand 24s (make me look like I have a butt!), and Hollister 0s, which don't do crap for my butt, but they are longer than long, which I really like.
  14. Seven jeans in macys:sweatdrop: . My fav jeans.