For all you scarf lovers...

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  1. I went to Banff LV today to pick up my perle coeurs and happened to noticed some pics of the new scarfs/bandeaus coming out for spring summer.

    Lucky Charms: Comes only in the scarf and actually has the same charms that are on the coeurs and flat pouch. The scarf only comes in Baby Pink w/ pink charms, black w/ multi-color charms, and I think white w/ whit charms. I noticed an expected price of $390 (I hope this is in CAD! But mostly likely it's in USD)

    LVoe: Aside from the ecru scarf and bandeau everyone knows about, the is actually another LVOE scarf coming out in Lime green.

    I asked about a bandeau but no bandeaus in any of the above styles.

    They also had a bunch of new colours in the men's ties! Some very nice creams, pinks, beiges. (of course, ended buying the BF 2 ties!)
  2. Thanks for the info! The lime green scarf sounds fabulous!
  3. It's like a kiwi lime colour.
    I'm gonna have to check next time on the prices again.
  4. Thanks for the info .. I saw those heart scarves and really liked the black one:heart:
  5. sounds great, thanks for the info!
  6. Thanks for the info. I wish they'd make everything in a bandeau!
  7. Yes, wouldn't that pink scarf be cute as a bandeau?! I am sooo looking for a bandeau for my petit noe. I thought I wanted fleur de porcelaine, but the lucky charms described above sounds lovely, too.
  8. Thanks for the info.
  9. So, this may be a stupic question, but will the charms be printed on or real hardware charms?
  10. The charms are real...just like the ones on the coeurs and flat pouches. The pink will have pink charms, black scarf will have MC charms, and white will have white charms. The charms might be a little smaller than the ones on the couers/flat pouches.

    I recall in the past there was a scarf called "charms" but that was "printed" on. These charms actually "dangle" and are sewn on the edges of the scarf.

  11. lime green is my favorite! i hope its not too olive-y though...