for all you savvy ebayers...

  1. i know that one of the big things that LV lovers do in order to save up and buy their bags is to sell stuff on eBay. now i'm just not the type to part with any of the LVs i have bought...i have loved everything and never had a situation where i could even imagine returning or getting rid of one once it's in my possession. BUT, i do like to sell things on eBay...things like old coach bags that i couldn't care less about anymore. but...i'm at the bottom of the barrel! i used to have so much coach to sell off and save up, but it's all gone now and i don't have anything left to sell! not that i miss any of it because i certainly don't, but i'm just sad i don't have anything semi-big ticket to get rid of to add to the LV fund.

    i sold some textbooks at the beginning of the semester and they helped me out ($250 for 3 textbooks i had laying around for a full!) but i'm out of those too. lol. so. the question is...what does everyone sell off? i'm thinking of auctioning off my old ipod mini b/c even if it goes for $20 it's still $20, and i'll never use it again. also have an old coach agenda, although it's missing the pen so that may only get me a minimal amount too. lol i'm literally searching around my room for things to sell off to feed my LV's getting really bad. i've gotten 4 new bags in the past just last week, and i need more. now.

    HELP! lol. so, besides saving your nickles and dimes, what else do you do to saveeee????
  2. Sperm, blood...

    LMAO kidding!! I usually just get some money from my SO when I am out :smile:
  3. yeah, everyone says SO, DH...i'm 22 and never really had a bf. and if i had someone that there may have been mutual interest, all i've ever gotten is a stupid oil burner from the body shop. no guy has ever bought me anything really nice, except for my daddy. he's the best.
  4. ^Daddys are good too! And grandpas :smile:

    I'm 23 and have an SO...they def. come in handy when it comes to LV!! ;)
  5. Picking up cans off of the highway is an option? :lol:
  6. ^LMAO!!!!

    What about taking change out of fountains?!?!
  7. play the lotto.

    sell your kids.

    your furniture?

    your SO?
  8. lol. just don't know what to sell off anymore. anytime i see coins on the ground, they're mine. kinda dirty to pick up change off the ground but i figure most change ends up on the ground at some point. lol. unfortunately i also just lost my job (not a big deal, i hated it and was a good employee, but they let me go for missing one meeting that i accidentally slept through because i was there working late the night before...ridiculous...) so i'm in search of a new job this weekend, even though it probably won't pay me a much as my last one did. i'm just feeling like i've got something around here somewhere that would be good to sell off if i could just think of what it
  9. omg these comments are hilarious.
    those of you w/SO's who gladly buy you LV are so lucky. mine offers to but i don't want to be a burden and tell him i work and can pay for it myself. am i nuts?
  10. Try selling your clothes that you don't wear anymore... I'm also trying to sell stuff on eBay for $$. The bad thing is that used clothes don't fetch that much money unless its designer jeans.

    Actually, Jane magazine has a funny article on how to make 1k in one week with out going to jail. The writer sold cookies and brownies to co-workers, asked friends and relatives it they needed hired help (she helped some one move for $), and some other random stuff.