For all you RED and WHITE bbag owners...

  1. Hi, Ladies.

    I'm itching to get a red AND white bbag, but I can't decide on the style. Currently I have two twiggy's , one city, day and first. I'm wonder since red is such a bright and poppy color maybe I should get it in the first style, but I haven't seen too many. I was also thinking of getting the red with GGH, maybe in the day style. For the white bbag I was leaning towards the first style as well. I'm kind of scared to get a bbag in white because I'm afraid I'll dirty it up real fast, but I really, really really want one.

    Love to hear your thoughts and suggestions :graucho:.
  2. I vote for a white brief maybe with GH if ur feeling it?? I just love love love the style..I have it in truffle
    And in red ,a first would sure be very cool..I dunno were ur from but I saw a red first at a store in Verona/Italy 2 weeks ago
  3. :tup:
  4. I love reds and whites too. I initially bought a white city but I decided that I will mostly use white for nice outfits to go out to dinner. I didn't want a city for that so I got a first instead. I also like the red firsts as a nice pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. I know you can find tomato firsts out there still if you look. Barney's NY on Madison avenue had one a couple of weeks ago that was gorgeous.
  5. I have a Rouge VIF Box, of course no longer available, but the Twiggy is closest...and a White City. I love them both!
  6. I like the Red in First and it will look awsome. :tup:There is a gorgeous Tomato Red First at NM in Short Hill NJ. Call Lee and ask for it. :yes:
  7. Oulaliscious I never thought of the brief style, but now you've got me thinking. I'll have to go and look for picture's in this style. If I remember correctly though isn't the brief on the bigger side? I'm barely 5'0. A red first would look totally hot wouldn't it!!

    purplekicks I see great minds think alike :p.

    Allisonfaye that's exactly what I was thinking. As the bag is white I probably wouldn't want to use it as my everyday bag, but for special occasion for sure!

    oo_let_me_see me too!! Decisions, decisions!!

    Nanaz I'm definitely leaning towards this one and maybe going with a white wallet, clutch, etc.
  8. I have a red and a white too. Both colors are beautiful but if I am made to choose one, I would go for red. Only because the white is very hard to keep clean.
  9. I got a tomato Giant Part-Time with SGH. I think it is beautiful (don't we all think our babies are beautiful :yes:?). Because it is bright, it looks big. If you are concerned about getting a big, or big looking bag, then the First is a good choice. For me, the First would be too small.
  10. I suggest a white city, I had one and it never really got dirty enough to notice. I like a tomato city or maybe the step style in tomato as soon as it comes out.
  11. I vote for red city... not too big not too small... and perfect color for when your outfit needs lift/pop of color!
  12. anufangava I think that's going to be my next purchase than something white...I have to learn to pace myself with these bbags :nuts:.

    jburgh did you post pictures a couple days ago? Because I remember seeing a gorgeous, tomato part-time with SGH and I seriously was drooling on my computer :drool:. I think that picture was what made me want a red bbag so badly.

    kittenslingerie If only I could get both...oh I'm so indecisive!!!

    addicted ali thank you for the suggestion, I'm so indecisive right now...argh...I think at this point it'll depend on the store I go to and their availability of colors and leather. Who know what I'll fall in love with then:p...
  13. B-bags could reduce even the most decisive person to a blithering idiot. Don't feel bad. We ALL have this problem. :smile:
  14. ^lol thank you!!!
  15. I vote for a red in first or day style !