For all you PFers in the Maryland area...

  1. If any of you are a big fan of Coach's signature line, I was just at the Hagerstown, MD Prime Outlets and they had tonnnnnsss of sig. Coach bags! I have never seen so much sig. stuff there. I just picked up a cute scribble bag for $75, which ended up being $103 off :smile: They also had Coach hampton weekend hobo bags for $75 as well.

    Just thought I'd give you ladies a heads up!
  2. As a fellow Marylander, thank you!! I can't wait to go!
  3. Thanks so much for the info!!
  4. †hanks! I just looked it up online and its only like 90 miles from me...and has one of my other favorite outlet stores...Ann Taylor Factory! None of the many outlets near me in PA have that! I'll have to head to and check it out!
  5. They added the signature line to that outlet recently (May I think). Lots of cute stuff!
  6. Shellbell you should take the trip. That's one of the few outlets I really love.
  7. You updated your pic elongreach! Fun!

    Yeah....the coach outlet at Lancaster is okay...but I'm definitely thinking about a trip down to Hagerstown after my next paycheck!!
  8. I'm in the process of planning a trip to Lancaster with my BF. I just love Amish country. I love pretzels and candles. Two things of abundance in Amish country. So I'm going to stop at the outlets while I'm there.
  9. I've ONLY been to the Tangier outlet in Lancaster! that and to one of my clients for work!