For all you NY Kooba Lovers

  1. Another sale time but this time it's called Back to School Sale. Weird but who cares it's still a Sale! :yahoo:

    Not sure if many of you guys went last time but I did and I loved it. My friend told me there might also be one in California too so here's hoping for that, will update when I get more info.

    I love these bags, hopefully there will be some of their older styles, like before Spring 07, and of course the elusive smooth sienna.

    I'm trying to figure out how to load their invite from my email. Because "everyone must bring the attached print-out to be admitted."
  2. Okay, here it is.
    kooba back to school sample sale  Aug 2007 (2).JPG
  3. I want to live in New York!
  4. Sure wish I could go to that.
  5. I hope all who are fortunate enough to attend find some fab bags for their collections.....

    And I hope your friend is right - that there will be one in California! I may faint at the very thought!
  6. o man cant be there opening morning but afternoon im there
  7. Oh, wow! I'm going to be in Cape Cod MA on those dates. I would never, ever attempt to drive to NY myself but maybe I can talk my friend into driving me. She has absolutely no interest in! So it may be a hard sell...too far for handbags, I bet. (And she hates big cities) But I sure would be thrilled to go! I'm in Florida and there are never sample sales down here. Does anyone know about parking or payment details?
  8. From what Bessie told me everything must be cash. And Parking! UGH! Bess had to walk several blocks with her bags to get to the Subway. I wonder if a "Going Back to School sale" would be as good as a Sample or Moving sale.
  9. still my beating heart....:heart:
    So blue I can't be there....someone grab a smooth Sienna in black or brown pretty please???:drool:
  10. Tease us West Coast girls, why don't ya?.....Well, I'm sure we'll all reap the benefits of eBay sellers that make it to NY and score some great bags.
  11. Sigh, I'd love to be able to go to this sale. I have a Kooba shopping list and it keeps getting longer! A work colleague of mine is in New York from today through Wednesday, returning here on Thursday, I wish I could get him to go on my behalf. Lucky man being in New York at the time I want to be there!
  12. Would love to go, of course, like all of us. But, I'll have to live vicariously through all of you who do get there!

    Mini, I can just imagine the look on a man's face, if you asked him to go to a "purse sale" for you! LOL
  13. errrr.....I wish i was in NYC...i dont see Nashville having any Kooba sample sales any time soon lol!
  14. Well hopefully we will reap some rewards when all those savvy eBay sellers list the bags they got from the sample sale on eBay!

    I might even keep my laptop by my bed at night and wake to check the US listings every few hours!! :lol:

    Yes...Im that desperate for another kooba!
  15. Hey ladies,

    this sample sale is legit? I'm going to try to go actually because (shocker) I'm off that day. I'm just curious though if the reductions will be on par with that of the SSS Sample Sale that we all love so much.

    Does anyone know how much the bags will be reduced?
    If it is the same price as the sale bags at kooba . com
    I may not want to take the trip in.