For all you Noe owners...

  1. I won this Petit Noe off Ebay, and i just received it today:

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON PETITE NOE AUTHENTIC WITH NEWER STRING!!! (item 150046667964 end time Oct-17-06 13:13:41 PDT)

    Some questions for Noe Owners:
    1) The monogrammed body isn't as soft as I's actually rigid & hard-feeling. Is this normal? I thought it might be because this one feels like a vintage one, but not sure if there are different Noes that are vintage vs. normal.

    2) I can't find the date code/heat stamp. Do all Noes have it? (where is it usually located?)

    3) Also, I found that tying the string prevents me from taking my stuff out. But if I leave it untied, I worry people can pick-pocket my stuff. Opinions?

    THANKS! I've finally joined the Noe Club! yay. :yahoo:
    -Pink Lady
  2. Great deal!!! I dont own a Noe so cant give you any helpful infos...

    I have been wondering the same thing!!!! I have been thinking about it for a long time...but...the string thing doesnt do it for me....

    Anyone with a Noe that can shed some light??:smile:
  3. Congrats,on the bag! Despite the way the Noe appears, it is a structured bag.
    As for the drawstring, you might want to go to a bead shop and find a bead that you can thread through both of the ties, make a knot at the end and use that as a slider? I just tie mine like I'm going to make a bow but don't actually do the bunny ear part so that it is partially open.
    The date code is located at the base of the strap (forgot which one) where it connects to the bag, pull back the vachetta strap exactly where it connects to the canvas, look at the vachetta part that faces the canvas and it should be in there. If u can't find it I will take pics for you later if you wish. HTH and enjoy!
  4. Congrats on the noe! I don't have a noe, but I *think* the date code is supposed to be under leather near one of the clasps...I know it's hard for me to explain, but it should be under the leather hooked by the brass hook. Sorry if that's a little unclear! Hope someone who has a noe can explain this better than me.

    Also, in regards to the stiff might be because it's old? I don't think it should feel too stiff. I have vintage bags, too, and I can tell that the stiffness has a lot to do with the age. Which makes me wonder if there's a way to make canvas supple again. My advice is to keep your noe away from heat to prevent anymore stiffness.
  5. elle-mo explained it better than I did. :P
  6. THANKS guys! I will check for the date code. Elle-mo, the bead idea sounds like a good idea.

    On another note, if there are folds in the canvas, like the monogram part is a bit wrinkley in some areas (see 4th pic in the above Ebay Link), is there a way to flatten them out again?
  7. To get rid of the creases, stuff the bag for the night and leave it hanging somewhere. The weight should help get rid of them. CONGRATS on a great bag!!!:flowers:
  8. the date code is behind the ring where the strap goes( outside of the bag)

    I tend to tie mine when ii'm out and about. I just find it safer that way. Its not a big pita to tie them again and again when out shopping.

    I wouldnt say mines soft, but does stand on its own it doesnt slouch over.

  9. AHHH hi guys... still can't seem to find the date code. I found the number "39" behind one strap, but I had to pull it back really far and hard, and clean out all the dirt. could someone post a pic???? it should be relatively easy to read...right? hmm..
  10. I didn't realize that the petite noe had a d-ring??? My large Noe doesn't have least I don't think it does..I haven't used it for quite some time..should go check I guess
  11. Hi ya
    I dont know much about NOES, but I just wanted to say CONGRATS - I saw a lady with a black epi one in the weekend and it looks awesome... I never really liked the NOE but I have completely changed my mind now!!! enjoy using her!!! congrats!
  12. date code is here .. sorry you cant see it o nthis bag very well.

    hope this one is better [​IMG]


  13. Large noes do have a D-ring (the older versions with the pocket in them don't). I am talking about epi noes though.:smile: