For all you Mike & Chris leather jacket owners...

  1. Which style of the Mike & Chris leather hoodies do you you prefer...or which is your favorite if you have multiple Mike & Chris jackets??

    The styles I'm considering right now are the donovan, jesse, maxwell, and edison. I seriously can't decide so any input will be greatly appreciated ;). Also, I've read that the Donovan is only partially lined, what does that mean?
  2. anyone??
  3. I have the Maxwell and the Lloyd.

    I like the Maxwell the best out of the jackets you have mentioned because I am in love with the big buttons. I think it looks the most unique out of the other styles.

    It is also fully lined. The Donovan is only partially lined, which means that there is none of the shirt-like cotton fabric in the sleeves of the jacket.

    My main reason for getting the Maxwell style, however, was because the armpit to armpit measurements seem to be the biggest in this style. According to the measurements, the other styles were a perfect fit everywhere else but always too small around the bust for me.

    Good luck in your decision :smile:.
  4. Eve_G thank you for the info!! The maxwell definitely has a unique look compared to the other jackets and yes I love the big buttons as well. I guess the Donovan is off my list as I want the jacket to be fully lined.

    Being that I have a medium sized frame I should definitely take the shoulder to shoulder measurements into consideration. I've heard that their jackets do run small.

    Again thanks for the reply and welcome to tPF :smile:!!
  5. no wonder my maxwell is too big on the bust area while the other style fit just fine....
  6. These jackets are to die for. I have been lusting over the two at holts all month.
  7. Thank you :smile:.
  8. I have a Maxwell in Expresso and it's divine

    The leather is like butter :drool:
  9. I have the dylan in black and the conrad (shorter sleeves and hem, 'bubble like') in grey. Both are XS, but the conrad is definitely is roomier because of it's style. I know my dylan is partially lined but can't remember if the Conrad is (can't check as it is packed away for the moment). The leathers are gorgeous!
  10. Mike & Chris jackets are TDF...I need to get me one of these.