For All You Mac And Dell Owners: Be Careful

  1. As you know, Dell had to recall some of their notebooks due to a few of them overheating and/or catching on fire. Well, it was been made public today that it had nothing to do with Dell per se but the Sony battery used. Apple released a statement this afternoon recalling some of their Macs because they also use Sony batteries.
  2. It figures. We've had to buy a new battery on 3 seperate occasions because it stopped working, started shooting sparks, etc. I could totally see our laptop going up in flames. I absolutely hate Dell by the way, will never buy a computer from them again.
  3. Can I ask why you'd never buy a computer from them again?
  4. I just did this to mine and thought Dell was super fast on this. You go to their website and look at their listings of defective batteries. If yours is one of them (by the number on the battery) you submit it to them and they let you know for sure if it is defective. Then you request a new battery! That's it and I got an email within one day that they mailed out a replacement battery. I just got my new one today. Along with that you get a pre-paid post to send the defective battery back.

    Dell says it takes 7-10 days but all of this happened within 3 days. I have had my lap top for 2 years no problem and I got it refurbished too. It is a precautionary measure on there part. So as consumers we just do our part.

    But if you do have a defective battery, turn it in and get a new one.
  5. Mine was one of the models bought within the years listed, but when I typed in my battery code on their website it said it wasn't one of the defective ones (luckily!). I'm still going to keep an eye on it though just in case, but hopefully it will be ok because I've had it a couple of years now and had no problems with overheating etc in the past.
  6. anyone know what kind of macs there have been problems with? I love my powerbook... dont want anything to go wrong with it!
  7. Theres a couple threads like this already.
    But I just have to say, I find it HIGHLY ironic that I bought a Mac laptop right after my Dell laptop died
    And then all this chaos happens... I have the best luck!