For all you ladies crazy about the Hudson...

  1. nope, but i guess with tax its like 100 under?
  2. retail is $1275 and if you order from eluxury unless you are in CA or TN you don't pay tax so I don't understand why anyone at this point would buy it on Ebay. Most stores just got their stock.

    and that fake is too funny.
  3. Nice....hopefully a PFer will get it!
  4. Gosh that bag is beautiful
  5. If they got it from Nordies, why don't they just take it back if they don't want it? Do you think they are just trying to make a profit off the bag?
  6. Oh man, I missed the fake!
  7. you missed quite a sight, i wouldn't even know where to begin...
    it was that bad
  8. I can't imagine going through the hassle for that little bitty profit! I know on the rare occassion I have prefered to sell on ebay rather than return a bag. Whether it's because my sales person went through so much trouble to get it for me, or if I've made too many returns at a particular store, I have done it! So silly.
  9. Seems a little weird to me! And if you look at the Nordie's receipt, the price looks like it says $1095 :wtf: The bag retails for $1275 :Push:
  10. I was just going to point that out! I thought it said $1055 though!
  11. If you look under the price on the receipt it says price modified with discount. Maybe if I do the math it's about 10% off?
  12. aha...maybe due to the flaw on the handle? I think I'd rather pay the extra $60 and get a flawless bag...but thats just me.