For all you DaVinci code fans (pics!)

  1. The church of St. Sulpice plays an important role in "The Da Vinci Code" So... because I just have too much time on my hands, I went through some of my old photos and thought I would post a few from St. Sulpice that I have taken over the years. (photo quality is not that great on some, but you can get the general idea)

    I have not yet seen the movie but after looking at these photos you can compare the scenes from the movie inside St. Sulpice to the photos I'm posting.

    The most interesting thing is that due to the influx of tourists coming to the church, church officials have had to post a disclaimer reminding visitors that the plot of the book is fictional. From what I understand, British officials would not allow Ron Howard to film inside Westminster Abbey in London, so Lichfield Cathedral was used instead.

    Photo #1: This is the facade of the St Sulpice church in the Latin Quarter of Paris

    Photo #2
    Inside the church, this is the beginning of the Prime Meridian. This is the spot in the book where the albino broke through the floor to find an important "treasure".

    Photo #3
    This is the monument at the end of the Prime Meridian

    Photo #4
    Text on the monument at the Prime Meridian

    Photo #5
    The base of the Prime Meridian close-up (where the albino broke through the floor) It looks ok now though :smile:

    Photo #6
    The Mona Lisa in the Louvre. In the book there was a secret message written in ultraviolet code on the glass frame.

  2. cool, thanks for the pics!

    does anyone how the movie is? i'm going to watch it tonight. i heard it's very confusing. is that right?
  3. oh, thanks!!!
    i am a huge fan of the book(haven't seen the film yet), so thanks for posting!!!:winkiss:
  4. Saw the movie last night. It followed the book very closely and was quite good, but there was just something much more powerful about reading the book. . .
  5. I saw and I agree that the book is more powerful and entertaining.

    I think it's becos the book described what the people feel and think. But it is harder to show it in movie.
  6. Thanks!! I feel like I am there!!
  7. thanks for the pictures! i love to see the 'real' places i read about lol...
    i saw the movie last night - it was good, but there was so much to explain, it was kind of like you were reading the book - a lot of narration, you know? (and i started to doze off in the middle for all the talking...) it's great for people who haven't read the book because it expains everything, but for those of us who have, it's kind of redundant - but i knew that going in!!!
  8. Thanks for the pics. I read the but bit haven't seen the movie yet. I agree, sometime movies isn't as powerful as reading a book. It's hard to implement everything from the book and squeeze it for less than 3 hours movie. I heard the movie is about 2 1/2 hours long .
  9. I loved the book but haven't seen the movie yet ... so thanks:flowers: for posting pics of the places mentioned in the book! Very interesting to see ... especially the Mona Lisa.
  10. Loved your pictures.I saw the movie last night and liked it very much.The book was better but, isn't that always the case?
  11. I haven't read the book yet but saw the movie. I loved it! I am still a little confused though. I'll def. read the book and watch the movie again when it comes out on DVD. Thanks for the pics!
  12. I saw the movie and I really liked it, you have to keeo concentrated on it though, b/c if you dont'I could see why someone coudl get confused. I have yet to read the book and I probably won't. I'm more interested in Angels and Demons.
  13. Roo, the pictures are so nice! i lived in Paris for about 2 years when i was 12, and all the photos we took are in my family home on the other side of the world. i wish i could share some of mine too.

    i just saw the movie last night, and i'm glad to say i wasn't as disappointed with it as i'd feared
    there are a couple of changes, but the movie stayed true enough to the book, thank god
    but to be able to follow it, you either have to have read the book already, or like blushingbaby said, concentrate hard on the movie. my boyfriend never read the book, and after watching the movie, i had to explain some things to him, because i'd already read the book enough times to remember the entire history of it.
  14. I thought the movie was pretty cheesy with the horrible acting on both parts! I was pretty dissapointed. The lines were just...gah! I loved the book though. I can see why it got horrible reviews.

    Those pictures are cool by the way!
  15. thanks for the pics.. in the movie, the place was so awesome.. would love to visit it in the future.. thanks again.