For all you Bronze Lovers

  1. I thought I would do a round up of all the bronze LV stuff on ebay as I know some of you love bronze. If you have any bronze to add, please add it to this thread. thanks :smile: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON BRONZE VERNIS READE PM - EXCELLENT (item 200018887811 end time 28-Aug-06 23:37:17 BST) AUTH LOUIS VUITTON BRONZE VERNIS COLUMBUS $1200.00 EXC (item 230020745096 end time 30-Aug-06 20:01:26 BST) AUTHENTIC BRONZE/GOLD VERNIS LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAG (item 110024487814 end time 31-Aug-06 23:42:08 BST) AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON bronze Vernis READE MM~PRETTY~ (item 190023458101 end time 01-Sep-06 05:45:59 BST) 100% AUTH LV THOMPSON STREET VERNIS BRONZE MINT (item 160022619951 end time 02-Sep-06 14:11:29 BST) original Louis Vuitton Thompson Street Bronze Vernis nw (item 270021851048 end time 30-Aug-06 16:11:47 BST) AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM VERNIS READE MM (item 170022152308 end time 31-Aug-06 02:30:00 BST) Louis Vuitton Monogram Bronze Vernis Forsyth Handbag (item 170022397087 end time 29-Aug-06 04:55:49 BST) Louis Vuitton Bronze Vernis Tompkins Square Tote Bag (item 330022035022 end time 02-Sep-06 04:42:23 BST) 1000% Auth Louis Vuitton Bronze Vernis Reade MM $$ back (item 110025899590 end time 05-Sep-06 10:26:28 BST) AUTH LOUIS VUITTON Vernis Monogram Bronze Reade MM bag (item 110025958325 end time 03-Sep-06 16:00:00 BST) AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON VERNIS ZIPPY WALLET/PURSE RARE (item 150027127438 end time 03-Sep-06 16:42:23 BST) AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON VERNIS LEXINGTON BAG AS NEW WOW (item 150027137209 end time 03-Sep-06 17:19:49 BST) LOUIS VUITTON VERNIS BEDFORD BAG 100% AUTHENTIC RARE (item 150027145696 end time 03-Sep-06 17:48:13 BST) 100% Authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Thompson Street (item 280022349759 end time 03-Sep-06 17:51:43 BST)
  2. cool thanks
  3. if only there was a bronze cles on eBay :sad: they hardly ever show up!
  4. OMG It was about a month ago, I was looking for a cles (before I went to the store) and there was a bronze one on for £100 buy it now but Ive never saw one again :sad: