for all you Box lovers..... (myself included)

  1. it's k i l l i n g me that there's 3 on eBay right now!!!!!!!!!! and in some really juicy colors. CC's (almost) paid off.... must... resist... temptation!!! oh someone please buy them before i do!:cursing:
  2. Stay strong! Step away from the eBay! :smile:

    Wish I could help eliminate one of the boxes on eBay but I am on a ban until I go to Paris mid-Feb!
  3. I know! I saw them too. Try not to think about the fact they are "Boxes"...Think about the colors, do you really need them???
  4. That 05 Caramel box is STUNNING. I was just looking in a friend's closet and saw that SHE had an 05 Caramel first -- she's really abused that poor bag, but the leather is killer.

    Whoever buys that Caramel Box is going to be really happy. Oh, I'm not helping, am I?
  5. No, you aren't! ;) I am turning off my computer and walking away! Right now.... Hope it is sold when I get back!
  6. i know! i had an 05 caramel day and the leather was the best!!!! I agree... congrats ahead of time to the winner, because that bag is a beauty!:yes:
  7. kite! the ink box!!! YOU need it!!!! lol!!
  8. BalNY has a gorgeous Greige Box left. I just saw it an hour ago. Lovely leather.
  9. heeheehee stay away from eBay then :smile:
  10. Wow!!! Both are beautiful. :love: