for all you big bag lovers, bordeaux weekender on ebay -- yum!

  1. :love: :love:
    Good luck, mimi! Thanks for posting chi!
  2. pretty mimi!
  3. OMG, mimz, what are you doing selling your bordeaux weekender :crybaby:

    p.s. i'm sure someone will give her a good home soon :flowers:
  4. Good luck, Mimi! It's gorgeous!!!:love:
  5. :heart: Such a gorgeous color!! Good luck Mimi!:heart:
  6. thanks ladies! :love: ;)
  7. gotta give another shout-out about this bag 'cause it's da bomb :yahoo:
  8. Bordeaux is incredible, especially in a big bag!:nuts: :love: :graucho:
  9. did you just sell this mimz? one minute i was looking at it, next weekend it was gone!
  10. yes, please tell us mimz, where, oh where did your bordeaux go?!?! :yes:
  11. who got this fabulous bag? congrats on the sale, mims!!!
  12. it is gone! ;) thanks girls for the love! :love: ;)
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