For all you B-Bag ROUGE Enthusiasts - VERY RARE 2003 Bag on eBay

  1. Does the Twiggy come with a shoulder strap?
  2. I wonder what the reserve is?
  3. Yes ...
  4. Whoa ... I must be really tired ... totally missed that (doing :blink: :wacko: !). You can always email her and inquire ...
  5. Gorgeous, great condition. Thanks for letting us know! ;)
  6. I didn't know those bags came with silver hardware. I am so confused, I thought they only came in the bronze and then the metallic lines came with the silver.
  7. ^ Minnie, it is a Fall 2003 Red - 2003 was the year they did silver hardware for all bbags! :smile:
  8. i'm wondering why this is being sold again. seems to be changing hands for the third time this month. three owners in two weeks. wonder who will be the 4th? :blink:
  9. It's gorgeous!

    Dang, ended at $630, reserve not met.
  10. relisted bin 1900 or something.