For all Toronto Holt's girls!

  1. Was at Holt's today, and they have a "sale table" at the back. Among many others, on it was:

    - Balenciaga "Work" bags, in a caramel color and also in a olive green color (sorry if those aren't the right names for colors...trying to do my best from memory)

    - Chloe Silverados

    - Fendi Spy's and Fendi Sellerias

    From what I recall, they are all at least $500 cheaper than their original price.

    Hope someone from here finds something they like!
  2. I happened to be here in toronto and I went to Holts and found an awesome Silverado bag for $1199...

    I think its staying, but I was rading on the forum that someone got this bag from Nordstrom on sale for $599....

    Its sucks to be Canada sometimes.....

    BTW, I found a beautiful green Balenciaga square hook line ($1249 an on hold for me) at winners college square....they also have Pradas and Bottega Vanetta.

    I am not sure if thats a god price either!
  3. There's a Winners at College Square now???? Is this the College Square in Ottawa or Toronto?
  4. I think she means College Park - but maybe she should clarify?
  5. Sorry College park!
  6. Are you saying that there is a Winners that carries Bottega Veneta?
  7. also McQueen!
  8. Selected Winners in Canada are now "Runway" winners which carry a selection of high end designers (everything from Armani to lower contemporary lines like Cynthia Vincent). Check


  9. Anyone else been? What's the stuff like?
  10. Thanks for letting us know - I'll probably drop in tomorrow but I find Holts sales aren't usually that great.
  11. wow! i didn't know that the College Park winner's has Balenciaga et al!!! that's so exciting! I work so close there....!! I smell a lunch time shopping trip (eeeks, even though I just got back from NYC)
  12. Wow thank you for the info.
  13. OMG are you kidding? My Winners is a RUNWAY Winners? :wtf: OMG I am SO there Thursday afternoon after school :wtf:

    Lol sorry a bit off topic!!! Wait, they had Balenciaga on sale? That sounds soooo weird because something like that would never happen in the US! That's what happens when you overprice wayyyy too much, Holt's! :rolleyes:
  14. Winners had the Balenciaga but it wasn't that cheap!!!
    I didn't get it, it was $1249 for the 2x Boston style but when you add taxes whats the point.

    I think I am also returning the Chloe Silverado, any thoughts girls??? I like it but I know I could have gotten it for MUCH cheaper and that bugs me. It was $1366 with tax! Picture in my post above....
  15. No Runway winners in Ottawa ofcourse.....