for all those w/ black MC

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  1. I have a new black mc speedy and the leather is turning black in some places that, for example the key cover and the side of the handle that touches the bag when the handles are down, could this me form the black canvas? I tried rubbing and non-visable part of leather against the canvas and nothing came off? Can color transfer form clothes to the leather, cuz I wore a black sweatsuit while traveling for most of the long weekend.
  2. Hi, I have a black MC speedy and the clochette where the key is stored is somewhat discolored black due to the rubbing of the canvas on the back part. Your black sweatsuit may have caused it as well due to the color transfer of your clothing.
  3. Yeah it could definitely be from clothing. I really haven't seen anything on the black MC that would discolor on itself, since the canvas is coated.
  4. yeah that could be the case....

    but don't worry cuz the handles will turn honey and the stain will be hardly noticeable...good luck :smile:
  5. I've had (and used) my black MC speedy for over 2 years now and have had no problems with the black colour coming off the MC at all. I'm thinking it may be from your clothing, especially if your black tracksuit was brand new?
    Don't worry...once the patina starts to develop you'll hardly notice it.
    It's a great bag! Enjoy!
  6. I was thinking that it was most likely from the tracksuit! Thanks for the advice:smile:
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