For all those "ines" owners..Do you still love your bag??Do you use it often?

  1. Are you still in:heart:with your ines? Do you use her a lot or do you regret buying her?:wtf:
    Jut curious because I have a new ines and she just sits and stares at me wondering if I will ever take her out?:tender::shrugs:
  2. muggles... i had the same problem that i asked a a couple of weeks ago. i have the ines in peanut and was too scared to use her. even though everyone here insisted i keep her, i decided to sell her. but halfway through the auction i couldnt let her go! i've been using her every day since then and i am completely in love!!!

    ps. a thanks to everyone who coerced me into being her outside into the daylight!!:tup:

    so i say DO IT!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! all you have to do is step outside with her on your shoulder. I get soooo many compliments on this bag- it's completely tdf.
  3. ^ i'm glad to hear it! my heart kind of stopped for a second when i read that you sold it. thankfully, i kept reading. the ines is such a gorgeous bag. i'm kind of regretting not actively looking for one during the sales now. :sad:
  4. oh sorry- i didn't mean to make you worry!! and there is one at a store around the corner from my work right now on sale kim, call fast!!

    Zoë Dumbo
    68 Washington Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
  5. ^ ooohhh! for how much? i was planning on saving some money for the christy/frog clutch/whatever cute bag i happen to fall in love with at the store for next month.
  6. i don't remember exactly- but definately in the $600 range! great price!

    yeah- i'm def planning on getting a frog brooch- when we were there the sa told me they would be in around mid february.
  7. I love mine but it hasn't been getting much use lately due to the weather. :sad: Luckily it's supposed to be sunny and dry for the next few days so I can bring my bags back out again. I'm so excited!! :yahoo:
  8. if i didnt just buy the 70s satchel and the light grey mp, i would be all over this. :smile:
  9. My 1000th post!!!:woohoo::biggrin::sos::whistle:I guess ines will have to go out with me this weekend!!
  10. oh yyyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!
  11. Thank you all!!!!:drinkup::robot::party::dothewave:1001!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  12. i don't wear mine i regret to say :shame: i might have to let her go at some point-i think i'm just not so into it as i thought i initially was.
  13. Oh no.. Why? I want to know if I am going to fall out of love with mine!!!???:crybaby:
  14. I don't regret buying mine, but as someone above stated, the weather has been bad. So she's been sleeping.

    Also, mine is Cherry Tart, so, imo, she does go as well with as many things as some of my other more neutral bags. So that's another reason she sleeps a lot. I still can't say I regret having her. I feel like the day is more special when it's a nice good weather day and she completes the right outfit. (as cheesey as my last statement sounds) :p
  15. I got my co-worker hooked on MJ - she bought a green elastic stam first, then the peanut ines. Both at steals - 700 from Barneys and 600 from Saks - which i found for her! I guess I'm great at spending other people's money.

    But anyway - she wears here Ines all the time. Maybe it's because she only has two Marc's to rotate? It looks stunning when she wears it - Everytime I see it I want one!