For all the White Bbags owners out there...

  1. Still thinking about the color of my first bbag... But for all of you who own a white bbag, how dirty does it really get? I know it's different for different people... but please try your best to answer this? :shame: It'll really help me! :lol:
  2. I haven't used my white bag yet because it's still wintertime here in New York. I'm sorry I can't answer your question. I'm not too worried about getting it dirty though.
  3. I used mine for a couple of months last summer and its sooo dirty! I wish I'd never bought a white bag!
  4. I have only used my white city for about a week now. Its spotless. I went to and bought the apple care kit. Totally worth it . If my bag gets dirty the cleaner wipes it right off.
  5. I'll have to invest in that cleaner. I have a white bag and I'm terrified of carrying it around!

  6. [​IMG]

    Is this it? Or is there a whole kit?

    *edit Nevermind, found it! Thanks!
  7. I am so scared to buy a white bag; more so because I have two kids who love to carry their sippy cups every where and many times they end up in my bag!!
  8. The Applegarde stuff is absolutely a must for white bags. My white is as good as day 1. I give it the once over before storing it away every time. Haven't had any major issues yet. Hope to keep it that way. :love:
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