For All The Southern Girls who like Lucky

  1. I got two pair of jeans from Belk today reg 128 for $15 each!!! I just love red dot sales!!
  2. Wow! Now that's a discount! Congrats!
  3. wow-

    which belk did you go to?
  4. Belk always has great deals, you just have to look! And you always have to check how much something is going to be before you check out, on the little price checkers around the store,because sometimes they are marked down WAY more than the rack or the tag says. Every once in awhile, you can get really awesome deals on the Big Star Jeans :smile:
  5. I used to work at a Belk location here in Georgia. I was pretty sure they would have to close down when I left to accept another job.
    Somehow they soldiered on though.
    I agree, you get in there & look, you'll find some great deals!
  6. I'm in VA. But the one at Crabtree in Raleigh, NC is one of the best. I got lots of Luckys and Sevens there for DIRT CHEAP. That's also were I found my Juicy Cashmere sweats for 19.99 :smile:
  7. What's "Belk"? Is itlike TJ Maxx or like Macy's? I'm just curious...

    I lived in Georgia when I was a teenager and we used to have "Parisian" in Columbus, I wonder if it's still around...
  8. Hey, another random question... not to hijack, but I've been wondering... do you guys in general find that you get better prices on designer clothes (maybe not bags and shoes but who knows?) down south? I used to live in Boston and now I live up in New Hampshire and I definitely find that the sale stuff "hangs out" for longer up here at places like Macy's and Banana Republic and the outlets so that they sometimes have AMAZING deals...
  9. Belk is a retail department store.

    I don't know about all states, but they closed down all the Parisian's in Georgia, and turned them into Belk in fall 2007. I think Belk bought them out, and soon all Parisian's will convert over the same way Riches became Macy's.