for all the PARIS HILTON lovers!!!

  1. Hey guys I was unsure of where to post this.. I know there is a Boards & Game section however I felt like this may appeal to everyone else too..

    I am a Graphic Design student right now and for my project I am making a Monopoly board but a PARIS HILTON version. I needed you guys to just tell me everything you knwo about her! Especially specifically which stores she shops at, which clubs, resorts she like sto stay at, any events even if its a bit old, ANYTHING!!

    I am making all the places on the board, change cards, community chest.. etc

    However I renamed the community chest to heiress chest and chance cards to That's Hot!

  2. Sounds like a really cute project. Post pics of your "Parisopoly" board game when you're finished !!! Good luck !!
  3. i'm NOT a fan of her at all -- but i DO read all the trash magazines, so it's kinda hard to escape everything about her! [plus i love LA & go all the time .. and i'm pretty familiar with all the "hot spots" that everyone likes to hang out at! haha]

    i would definitely put KITSON, on there. it's a boutique in LA on famous robertson blvd. [ and she just released her clothing line there, a few days ago - i believe! ]

    restaurants she seems to be photographed in -- the IVY [ also on robertson blvd. ] .. nobu .. mr. chow

    hmm .. as for clubs .. AREA .. LES DEUX [ very popular clubs in LA ]

    .. what about her little stint in jail? .. u must have a space for that! :smile:

    .. she seems to photographed in MIAMI a lot ..

    hmmm .. that's all i can think of off the top of my head! pm me if u need any more help! [i'm sickly addicted to all that trash .. and since i'm pretty familiar with LA, ill probably think of more, for ya! :smile:]

    sounds like a FUN project!! goooood luck! :smile:
  4. She has a gazillion dogs (seriously something like 12)

    She often wears fake bags

    Her sister is Nicky Hilton who has her own handbag line

    Her most famous dog is named Tinkerbell

    I believe she has her own nightclub in Miami

    She's been seen in Vegas a lot too (can't remember which club though)
  5. I think this would probably go in the celebrity thread... :smile:)
  6. thanks so much guys!!
    I will make sure to post some pictures up

    I am still looking for some places that she went to in Miami and perhaps 2 more other places ... does anyone know if she goes to NYC a lot? or europe ? thanks so much!!
  7. I haven't heard of her being in Europe.
    In terms of NY...that is where she started out as a socialite...I'm betting she parties in the Hamptons in the summer!
  8. For the jail cards you should say it's for her 21 day stint in jail, as in, same offense...I think it was driving on a suspended liscense...? You should also have her behind bars (and to make it funnier probably in some frilly dress that shows too much skin) on that piece of the board lol.

    She's been in a couple of movies (House of Wax, The Hillz, Bottoms Up, Pledge This!) Don't judge, I used to work for Best Buy! LOL!! I would use for her other movies if you need them

    Has her own TV show w/ BFF with Nicole Richie called The Simple Life

    Hilton founded Heiress Records, a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records, in 2004. She released her self-titled debut album, Paris, The first single from Paris, "Stars Are Blind," As of July 2007, Heiress Records' only release has been

    rose to fame around 2003, when her sex tape titled 1 Night in Paris

    autumn of 2004, Hilton released an autobiographical book, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose, the book became a New York Times bestseller. Hilton followed it up with a designer diary, also with Ginsberg, called Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All To Me.

    2004, Hilton was involved in the creation of a perfume line by Parlux Fragrances. Paris Hilton will launch a new fragrance in October 2007, called Can Can by Paris Hilton. This is her fourth women's fragrance after "Paris Hilton", "Just Me", and "Heiress".

    January 2007, Hilton released her own line of hair extensions in partnership with Hair Tech International for its hair extension division, DreamCatchers, headquartered in Beverly Hills

    August 2007, Hilton signed a licensing agreement with Antebi for a signature footwear line, "Paris Hilton Footware", featuring stilettos, platforms, flats, wedges, and a sports collection, expected to reach stores in 2008.By mid August 2007, Hilton launched a clothing line of tops, dresses, coats, and jeans at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles

    Hilton lent her name to a chain of nightclubs known as Club Paris in 2005. The first of which in Orlando, Florida has been a success, and a second club located in Jacksonville, Florida opened in July 2006. Hilton was fired in January 2007 by the owner of Club Paris, Fred Khalilian, after she had failed to attend several scheduled promotional appearances

    According to Forbes Magazine, Hilton earned approximately $2 million in 2003–2004,$6.5 million in 2004–2005, and $7 million in 2005–2006

    was engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw from mid-2002 to early 2003. On May 29, 2005, she announced her engagement to Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir; the engagement was called off five months later. Thereafter, she began dating another Greek shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos III, but in May 2006, Hilton publicist Elliot Mintz informed the press Paris and Stavros had broken up. In an attempt to rediscover herself, Hilton imposed a ban on sexual activity for one year starting in July 2006.

    January 2007, Hilton's private life again created headlines with the launch of, a website that featured images of personal and medical documents, video, and other private material, allegedly obtained when the contents of a storage locker rented by Hilton were auctioned off due to lack of payment. (They sold her stuff to someone at an auction through Public Storage. My friend works for them and PS sent out a company wide e-mail about it when they found out what happened lol. Apparantly, she had the moving company put the sotrage facility in their name and she never paid them for the monthly payments. Obviouslly, they dind't pay it and her stuff got sold, cheaply too if I remember correctly lol).

    November 2004, Hilton participated in Sean "Diddy" Combs'Citizen Change campaign "Vote or Die" to encourage youths to vote in the presidential election. She drew criticism after it was revealed she had neither voted nor registered to do so <--- I'm sorry but WHAT AN IDIOT!

  9. Driving violations

    In September 2006, Hilton was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol content of 0.08%, the minimum at which it is illegal to drive in California. Hilton's drivers license was subsequently suspended in November 2006, and in January 2007 she pled no contest to the alcohol-related reckless driving charge Her punishment was 36 months' probation and fines of about $1,500
    On January 15, 2007, Hilton was pulled over for driving with a suspended license and signed a document acknowledging that she was not permitted to drive. On February 27, 2007 Hilton was caught driving 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, again with a suspended license. She also did not have her headlights on even though it was after dark. Prosecutors in the office of the Los Angeles City Attorney charged that those actions, along with the failure to enroll in a court-ordered alcohol education program constituted a violation of the terms of her probation.
    On May 4, 2007 Hilton was sentenced by Judge Michael T. Sauer to 45 days in jail for violating her probation. Initially, Hilton planned to appeal the sentence, and supported an online petition asking California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for a pardon. The petition to Governor Schwarzenegger was created and organized on May 5, 2007 by Joshua Morales, a loyal fan of Ms. Hilton's who was upset by the sentence that Paris received from Judge Michael Sauer the day before. In response, various opponents started a petition to maintain the sentence. Both petitions attracted tens of thousands of signatures. Hilton later switched lawyers, and dropped her plans to appeal.
  10. Jail sentence

    Hilton was required to begin her jail term on June 5, 2007, or risk a doubling of her sentence. On June 3, 2007, after attending the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, Hilton checked herself into the Century Regional Detention Facility, an all female jail in Lynwood, California, at 11:38 pm PDT. From there, Hilton was transferred by authorities to a special section "reserved for police officers, public officials, celebrities and other high-profile inmates" Hilton was given the inmate booking number 9818783. With credit for good behavior, it was anticipated that Hilton would only serve 23 days of her 45-day sentence.
    In an unexpected turn of events, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca signed orders on the morning of June 7, reassigning Hilton to 40 days of home confinement with an electronic monitoring device due to an unspecified medical condition. Sheriff Baca commented on the release saying, "My message to those who don't like celebrities is that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice." According to Baca, under normal circumstances, Hilton would not have served any time in jail, and he added that "The special treatment, in a sense, appears to be because of her celebrity status ... She got more time in jail". However this is contradicted by an analysis performed by the LA Times, which concluded that had she been let out after 4 days, she would have served the same amount of time as 60% of inmates with a similar criminal history. The LA Times article concludes that the actual time Hilton served means her punishment exceeded that of 80% of people in similar situations.
    The same day Hilton was released from jail, Judge Michael Sauer ordered Hilton to reappear back in his court the following morning (June 8) as the sentencing statement had explicitly said she would serve time in jail with "No work furlough. No work release. No electronic monitoring".The judge also said that he was informed that the sheriff intended to release Hilton but that the judge had not agreed to it, instead reaffirming her original sentence. At the hearing he declined to be briefed by Hilton's attorney in private chambers on the nature of her condition and sent her back to jail to serve out her original 45-day sentence. Upon hearing the sentence, Hilton shouted, "It's not right!" and started screaming requesting to hug her mother, who was present in the courtroom. She was then escorted out. Concern about Hilton's condition led to her being moved to the medical wing of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. On June 13 Hilton was moved back to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood due to improvements in her condition. (Hilton in an interview from jail claimed she suffered from claustrophobiaalthough an unidentified "Paris insider" claims it was "toilet-phobia"
    On June 9, 2007 prison minister Marty Angelo petitioned sentencing Judge Michael Sauer asking to serve out the remainder of Hilton's jail sentence if the judge would release her to an alternative treatment program. Angelo's petition fell on deaf ears. Angelo posted an "Open Letter to Paris Hilton" on his website. Hilton referred to starting a "new beginning" during her interview with talk show host, Larry King on June 28, 2007, two days after being released from jail. Angelo's autobiography is entitled, "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning" which he shipped to Hilton through her attorney, Richard A. Hutton on May 23, 2007 before her Los Angeles County Jail incarceration. Hilton quoted directly from one of the book's pages (#178) during the interview when she used Angelo's 'prison motto' advice: "Don't serve the time, let the time serve you." Hilton stated, "I did that and that really helped

    Hilton was released from jail at 12:15am PDT on June 26, 2007. In total Hilton served 22 days in detention, counting her day-long home confinement. She was met by a contingent of paparazzi and camera crews.

    will reportedly appear in the 2007 Guinness World Records as the world's "Most Overrated Celebrity

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    hope this helped :smile: