For all the oatmeal lovers out there...

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  1. I'm another one of the billions of oatmeal fans out there, and being a bit health conscious, I'm not ashamed of this love (that is actually an indulgence me), because it is good for me! There are soooo many different ways people enjoy their oatmeal, and I've been on a quest lately to try as many of them as I can... tonight I discovered another tasty creation! This might seem weird, I kind of made this one up on my own, it's like a lemon custard, I ate it hot but I'm sure you could eat it chilled as well

    -1/2 cup cooked oldfashioned oats (I made it with water to cut calories & fat, the trick to thick oats with water is to stir it a lot, during and after cooking it)
    -1/4 package (or 1 tbsp) JELL-O sugarfree fatfree instant lemon pudding mix
    -1 tsp fatfree original Coffeemate creamer
    -2 packets splenda
    -2 or 3 drops of lemon extract, lemon juice could be used as well Im sure

    Cook oats as directed, add the pudding mix straight into the hot oatmeal and stir, it may look clumpy at first so keep stirring, add creamer, splenda and lemon extract. I added a little bit more hot water afterwards to get it to a consistency that I prefer, but you don't have to. It was sooo good! :drool: I'm going to try it with vanilla, butterscotch and pistachio mixes too...

    Anyone want to share any of their fav oatmeal recipes??
  2. I don't have a recipe to share, but I love oatmeal, and this seems like it would be a nice variation! I'm looking forward to trying it! Thanks for posting!
  3. I love oatmeal! Thanks for posting this. I love the combination of chopped dried cranberries and dried apricots. I also keep a small container of sugar with a whole vanilla bean in it in my pantry, and a spoonful of that with light coconut milk added to oatmeal is also very good!
  4. hehehe, i've ALWAYS hated oatmeal...i mean, absolutely hate it with a passion, just only the mushy kinda. oatmeal cookies are ok for me and granola bars, yeah, a-okay. maybe it's the smell, the taste, i have no idea, or maybe my parents trying to unsecessfully forcing me to eat it? shurgs. but i'm hoping to maybe the yummy recipies here would help convince me otherwise.
  5. I love oatmeal, too. I eat it almost every morning. I make mine with walnuts, banana, cinnamon and I use agave for a sweetner. YUM!
  6. I LOVEEE oatmeal as well! I love to crush walnuts on top of my brown sugar oatmeal... sometimes I even eat it as dessert... lol
  7. I adore oatmeal and my good friend introduced me to: Kashi Go Lean oatmeal. It is the best i have ever had. I eat it almost every day and it is fabulous! Very healthy and with a tad of sweetness. It comes in Vanilla and I think it is cinnamon.
  8. I like dropping a few M&Ms in my oatmeal.. makes it like one big, mushy breakfast cookie. :tup: That is normally my treat for the day.
  9. (this may get moved to The Kitchen, btw).

  10. THis is my Fave oatmeal!!
  11. This sounds so good! Right now I have been eating the Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal - Maple & Brown Sugar, which I really like. But I love Kashi products, so I might have to give their oatmeal a try next.
  12. I know it's supposed to be really filling, but I'm always hungry like 2 hours after I eat it. I don't know what it is. Eggs last much longer for me. Plus, I like my oatmeal with so much fruit and sweetener in it, it might as well be dessert! :rolleyes:
  13. Thanks for the recipe! I might have to try this sometime. I usually just buy Quaker's Apple Cinnamon. I love the dehydrated apples they put in it. I've been eating it for the past five days. :P