For all the Mommies with the Pappi 30.

  1. Did you give your daughter the mini papillon?
  2. I don't have kids (yet) but that sounds like a CUTE idea! :love:

    "Look, you and mommy can match now!"
  3. I Have A Son.....But, I Love The Idea!
  4. i love the idea seriously cute would that be? :love: now i gotta go have some children so that i can accessorize them in cute bags and outfits :biggrin:
  5. Aww that's a cute idea. Start them off young!
  6. how cute to have matching bags.
  7. Yes, me too, 2 boys. But my 5 year old would love it to put his Hot Wheels in.:lol:
  8. If one day I have a kid (girl), I def. would do that, give mini pap and mini sac HL
  9. Most definitely

    It's one reason why I want one daughter.
    So I can buy bags for her as well as for myself! and we can share!! Also I'd like someone to give all my bags/luxury collection..

    Oh I can always give it to my daughter in-law if I have a son... but I don't get to see her grow up through stages of bags..

    Do I sound weird?
  10. YES ..I let my niece use it when we go out to dinner or to the mall..She is 9 and LOVES it.
  11. No, you don't sound weird at all. That is really a precious idea. That is one of the reasons I am sad I will never have children, I won't have anyone to share my love of bags with or pass my collection to. Hopefully my sister will have some girls.
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